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GAMING THE SYSTEM | Kundalini Gurus Really Only Want Female Students

Gaming the System

If you pay $17.00 for a kundalini yoga lesson with Guru Meher one of the first things he will teach you is that he is the victim of Sikh turban discrimination.  In my observations Guru Meher is not oppressed and he really has nothing to complain about.  Guru Singh’s corporate entity Yoga West probably discriminates against non-turban wearing members of the public more than the other way around.  What you see is only a reflection of yourself.  If you see discrimination then you are probably discriminating against someone.  Yoga West and Dya Kaur discriminated against me for being more interesting than they are, I get that kind of treatment all the time.  I never complained about Yoga West’s discrimination, yet I had to pay to endure Guru Singh opine about his discrimination twice.  Kundalini guru’s appear to be gaming the system when it comes to social awareness.  Kundalini yoga is a superficial construct that is gaming the system and pandering to women.


Girl Crazy

Yogi Bhajan constructed his kundalini cosmology by gaming the system and pandering to women.  By disseminating  anti-man hate speech with his anti-patriarchal dogma he gave girls exactly what they wanted to hear.  Yogi Bhajan saw the “our bodies ourselves, we don’t need a man” rhetoric of the seventies and he capitalized on it.  Big Daddy Yogi the Bear Bhajan and Little Daddy Guru Singh put down white males to make the women feel good on their yoga mats.   

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Gaming the System With Guru Worship

Guru Singh is about as insipid a character as you will ever pay to take a yoga class from.  There should be some form of yoga regulating body to prevent charlatans such as Guru Singh Khalsa from ripping off the worldwide yoga consuming public.  Kundalini yoga as constructed by Yogi Bhajan is gaming the system by pandering to women who are angry at men.

Nip Yoga
Kundalini Women’s Rifle Drill Team on Parade, Espanola, NM 1978

COMING SOON | Where are all the young men of kundalini yoga? 

Did Yogi Bhajan share any of the kundalini kaur women with other gurus or young male students?  What happens to the young men of kundalini yoga if there are no women for them?  Do they get left by the side of the road like unwanted Mormon male offspring in Utah?

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