RECOVERING GOD CONSCIOUSNESS: Alcoholism, Narcissism and Homosexuality

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Recovering God Consciousness Solely in Gay AA LA Can Be Problematic So Please Also Add Non-Gay Meetings to Your Practice

If I can practice the 12 Steps and recover from alcoholism then can the 12 Steps also lead to recovery from aberrated homosexual narcissism? The answer is yes. AA even totally cured my kleptomania. The 12 Steps relieved me of many spiritual maladies and diseases.

The purpose of going to an AA meeting is to find God and the purpose of finding God consciousness is to experience life spiritually and not materially. Therefore if you are gay you don’t really need a gay meeting because the point is to transcend all of that. 

The best gay AA LA meeting is on Thursday night in West Hollywood and is not really a gay meeting per se. If you are homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, pansexual, metrosexual or asexual one of the best spiritual treatment Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Los Angeles is:

Primetime is Now
Thursday Night 7:30

Fairfax Senior Center
7929 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90046

The purpose of this article is to dominate search engine queries by queer, homosexual, bisexual men & women searching for gay AA LA in my bait and switch attempt to open your mind to non-gay AA meetings. Please do not limit yourself by only attending gay meetings.  There is not the same quality of content at gay AA compared to what you receive at Primetime AA or other spiritual application meetings.

My advice is to go to spiritual treatment meetings and forget about gay AA for now. Please don’t use AA for your social gratification like I made the mistake of doing. But even then, I never resonated with gay AA. Gay AA it too small and resource deprived. Gay AA is just the total bottom of the barrel. If you want a quality gay social lifestyle venue go to Agape in Culver City or the Religious Science Church at the Harmony Gold Theatre on Sunset Blvd. in WeHo.


Gay AA LA Within Other Meetings

This morning I published a new page where I maintain an up-to-date list of the best AA LA meetings that are a better resource for homosexual recovery than gay AA meetings. These are not gay AA meetings, these are Primetime and spiritual treatment meetings that facilitated my miraculous recovery from alcoholism, narcissism, and soul killing homosexual promiscuity. If you are bisexual or homosexual check out these meetings:

recovering god consciousness

Alcoholism, Narcissism and Homosexuality

If I can practice the 12 Steps and recover from alcoholism then can the 12 Steps also lead to recovery from my narcissism and aberrated homosexuality? Alcoholism, narcissism and homosexuality are attempts to self-medicate separation anxiety. Some people experience childhood trauma, some have sex too young and some people seem to just be born with existential sorrow. There is no deep connection to source or spiritual life that grounds these tragic souls. The alcoholic drinks his medication, the narcissist self-soothes with masturbation and the homosexual deviates his sexual energy into a broad range of transmutations. All aberated behavior such as this is in an attempt to fill a deep spiritual need. The alcoholic is searching for God in the bottom of a bottle, the narcissist is searching in the mirror for God and the homosexual is looking for God in the form of sublime transcendental sexual gratification. 

The alcoholic, narcissistic homosexual has the biggest God shaped hole in his heart and soul of anyone wandering this lonely planet. Your healing may or not come from the gay AA recovery community. Your spiritualization may only be found partly in the gay big city community, mine was kind of like that. I found great healing in my gay community but I need the bigger mainstream community to make me whole. The purpose of this article is to open you up to the fact that gay aa LA may not meet all of your needs in recovering your God consciousness. You may want to research other non-gay meetings and resource in Los Angeles, and other big cities.

Alcoholism is the dependency upon alcohol to reinforce one’s narcissism, the inability to distinguish one’s self from other people which results in homosexuality. The alcoholic alters his consciousness to experience making love with himself during gay sex. Alcoholism, narcissism and homosexuality provided an alternative reality for me wherein all of my needs were met.

Practicing the application of spiritual principles in the 12 Steps facilitated my recovery from alcoholism and my narcissistic rituals and aberrated homosexuality. I also had the privilege of living with a gay male gynecologist – certified sexologist fifteen years older than me who trained me in tantric breathing and sacred sexuality. Dr. McDuff also introduced me to fetish, BDSM, leather, water sports and other sexual deviations that no longer interest me. I am still into healthy sex with healthy men, but I am no longer a boy slut hungrily filling my body orifices with external validation.