MEN’S EMOTIONAL HEALTH: The Higher Consciousness of Sacred Sexuality

Why Is Gay Anal Sex So Popular?

Throughout history men have engaged in man to man gay anal sex because having your prostate worked is one of the most fully satisfying sexual experiences humanly possible. Being gay is learned behavior. Male to male sexual gratification is highly complex social behavior that requires a prolonged learning curve.

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Learning how to curve your finger up and press a man’s g-spot is the key to fully gratifying sexual experience in both heterosexual and homosexual men. Learning how to enjoy getting fucked up your ass is like having a Phd is sex.

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Women don’t have the same equipment to enjoy receiving anal sex as men do. Just by looking on somewhere like, you can see that men tend to enjoy anal sex much more than women. Men who have had every possible sexual experience in life often report that being fucked by a total top who knows what he is doing is the ultimate sexual experience. Women have a uterus where men have a prostate. A woman receiving anal penetration is not physically capable of receiving as much pleasure as a man getting fucked because she does not have a prostate gland.

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The purpose of this article on prostate stimulation is to provide an educational gay anal sex resource to enhance your ability to achieve peak performance from your prostate. Women can educate themselves to provide men with complete sexual satisfaction that will equal what a man experiences during gay sex. Male to male sex education began when the ancient Greeks adorned their pottery with images depicting intercourse and fellatio.

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SELL IT WITH SEX: Marketing artwork on ancient Greek wine containers says to the consumer: “Drink this wine have this crazy new sex!”

Since then homosexual artists and craftsmen have effectively used science and technology to promote and market the gay cultural agenda. Gay is one great big marketing term. Gay towns like Palm Springs and gay pride festivals are really just mainstream commercial markets for professional services and products.

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Man to man sex satisfies a primal desire and has nothing to do with gay socialization. Gay cultural creation does not have that much to do with great sex. Homosexuality was much more fun when it was illegal. It’s like the difference between religion and spirituality. The religion of mainstream gay consumer culture does not have anything to do with the spirituality of the mystic or yogi who enjoys man to man sex.

Gay Rises Above Basic Instinct and Unites All Cultures

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Male to male sexual intercourse elevates sexuality from basic procreational instinct into a spiritually based and emotionally infused experience of higher sexual consciousness. Don’t repress anything in life or it will kill you. Everything is permitted here in California so let it all hang out. The desert is a place to burn off old sexual karma. In order to attain intimate communion between your meditative mind and universal consciousness you may need to fuck your brains out and get all the gay sex out of your system as soon as possible. That’s what I did.

Quiet your basic instinct by plowing straight through any desire you have for gay anal sex. If you are going to do something then it is wise to learn how to do it correctly. Here is the basic theoretical and practical outline of male to male anal sexual intercourse. If you want to see some more male on male action check out x3guide, they have a fantastic range of reviews of adult websites that’ll get you up to speed on how the pros work their prostate.

The Prostate Gland is the Key to the Best Anal Sex

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Key to Homosexuality

The prostate gland is integral to a man’s sacred sexuality. The ultimate goal of life is to connect to something larger than yourself. Understanding the prostate is a basic step in transcending the body mind soul interface with the cosmos. The only way out of the libido is to go straight through it. The prostate gland is the key to male sexuality. Think of your prostate gland as your internal joystick that can be operated digitally or by a penis if you are lucky.

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Stroke the prostate just like you stroke a penis

Guys Just Wanna Be Girls

The problem with gay anal sex is that only 17% of men who self-identify as homosexual are total tops, or penetrators. While many homosexual performers for websites such as are total tops, many gay people away from the adult video scene are not quite as ambitious. What this means is that most men prefer to be the bottom or submissive partner who receives the penis.Therefore digital prostate stimulation is not only a good anal sex training technique, digital stimulation becomes a reality in the real world of male homosexuality. Homosexuality is masturbation. Masturbation is homosexuality. Mastubation is the gateway to gay life. If you are gay you will spend much more time engaged in masturbation than any other form of sexual activity. Gay sex is all about masturbating with or without a partner.

Anal Masturbation

Training your body to enjoy getting fucked involves training yourself in anal masturbation techniques. When you are a beginner it only feels really good getting fucked up your young ass while you are masturbating. The goal is to develop your stamina so that you can get fucked for a few hours. The way to build anal intercourse endurance is to intentionally withhold your own orgasm. When a man ejaculates his sphincter closes up and it starts to hurt. By withholding your own ejaculation you also prolong and deepen your consciousness. You may want to have a gay sex coach assist you in learning how to delay ejaculation to prolong the mystical experience. Ejaculationless multi-orasmic states can be attained while practicing white tantra.

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Notice the perineum is also being stroked at the same time as the prostate

Improve Gay Anal Sex By Learning to Withhold Ejaculation

If you are masturbating alone, with a partner, or if you are having anal sex always try to withhold ejaculation. Even if you are having sex with a woman, don’t come every time you have sex because you are wasting energy. Delay sexual gratification by transmuting your sexual energy into your career, hobby or family.

Most men have a deep need for complete prostate stimulation. Men feel the urge like an itch deep within. Properly stroking a man’s prostate can bring immediate healing. The man on the receiving end of anal intercourse receives even more pleasure than the man fucking him.

Most total bottoms, myself included, will tell you that it really hurts getting fucked for your first time. The way to train your anal canal is to manually stimulate your prostate. These lessons will serve you equally well during masturbation and/or anal intercourse with a partner.

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Russian Women Intelligently Stimulate Russian Prostates to Prevent Over Homosexualization. Ptonka Means Prostate in Russian
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The Goal is To Be Able to Use Your Own Finger On Yourself

My real breakthrough came when I was able to comfortably perform strokes like these upon myself. My sexologist and gay mentor Dr. McDuff is fifteen years older than me and never was a real top for me. One night he passed out as soon as we hit the bed. His sexual tool kit was open and available and I used a small dildo to perform these techniques upon myself. The results were incredible. My prostate performance has made my entire lower body into an erogenous zone. My feet have become more and more orgasmic throughout the years. The prostate creates new nerve connections throughout the body linking the penis to the thighs and feet. Practicing prostate stimulation increases the intensity and duration of the male ejaculation both during sex and also cumulatively after years of this advanced sexual practice. The reason so many men are into gay anal sex is because anal sex satisfies like nothing else.


That Perfect Orgasm You Have Always Been Looking For!
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Nothing at all touching the cock in this pure anal orgasm

“Look Mom No Hands!” The ultimate goal of gay anal sex is to achieve orgasm from anal stimulation alone, with nothing touching our cock. This is the Holy Grail of the male orgasm. The only thing better than this is having a wet dream. Unfortunately wet dreams only happen when a boy is in his teens. Teenagers should have an immense appreciation for the intensity of the wet dream. It is the only thing that comes close to “hands-off-the-cock” male ejaculation.

By practicing tantric anal masturbation my sexual energy has been transmuted from the gay anal sex resorts of Palm Springs into creating this website.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.