Catholic Liberation

Gay Catholic Liberation

The Pope has issued an apology to gay Catholics, which I have accepted. I had already forgiven the Catholic Church for anything and everything. Nobody ever did anything to me. I did everything myself. The Catholic Church never harmed me. The Church gave me an education and a formal spiritual practice. I have renewed my identity as the Body of Christ as a practicing Catholic. 

My calling is to liberate the Latin gay Catholic in Southern California.  My maternal grandparents were immigrants from Mexico. Mexican culture is tough on men who have sex with other men. The only way to change that is to have a gay Catholic presence in the Body of Christ. 

Pansexual Spirituality

I only use the words gay, bisexual and pansexual because our culture uses these concepts. There really is no such thing as gay or straight. There really was no such thing as an exclusively homosexual lifestyle until very recently. Men have had sex with other men for thousands of years. Men have had sex with women for thousands of years but no one identifies as a heterosexual Catholic per se. We are a highly developed civilization. Homosexual behaviour is highly developed learned behavior. It takes a long time to learn how to be gay. The Catholic Church is changing with the coming gay tidal wave. Get ready now. Surfs up!

Gay Just Works Good For Me

I have attained a level of social development where intimacy with other men just works really good for my life. In public I prefer so socialize with heterosexual women. In private I prefer to be with dark skinned men. Masculine gay Mexican men touch my body in ways that excite my passion. Jewish men talk really good about sex and Mexican men just stroke my thighs and call me “baby girl.”  I am a dignified Latina for love.

The Holy Spirit must approve of my relations with other human beings now. God says it’s okay to be gay but I don’t think God wants me engaging in promiscuous gay sex anymore. I should probably find a nice gay or bisexual Catholic man and be the good wife. 

The purpose of this article is to encourage gay men to investigate the Body of Christ. The Catholic Church welcomes gay Catholics back to the Body of Christ.