Modern Gay Catholic Man

There is a tidal wave of new American spirituality coming from the gay Catholic man. The mystic body of Christ exists outside of time and space. The gay Catholic man embodies the presence of God as the living Body of Christ. The gay Catholic man uses the powerful gift of homosexuality to more fully embody this presence. Feeling my body as the Body of Christ bathes me in physical gratitude. The new gay Catholic man is guided by the Holy Spirit to fully flower into dignified bisexual relationships with the Body of Christ.

modern gay cultureMainstream Gay Culture is Just More Cultural Marketing

The other day I overheard a gay retail merchant calling a gay spiritual merchant “off the wall.” Most homosexuals have the mainstream “Us Against the World” attitude. The purpose of this website is to way gay men up to the spiritual component of their sexuality. Mainstream gay culture sells sex as a lifestyle. Sex should be a spiritual component of life and not the flag you fly. I would rather fly a God flag than a rainbow flag. I am a very sexual person. Many “gays” are not that sexual to me, they are guys that need to belong to something. Many gays need to believe in something because they haven’t found their gay God yet. Many Gay Catholic men tell me I am sexually exciting. I want to be spiritually exciting also. I want to be sexually spiritually exciting. The purpose of writing this article at 4:00 in the morning is to organize and develop my calling as a sexually and spiritually exciting gay Catholic man.

Sexually and Spiritually Adventurous

Laying in bed one Sunday afternoon my total top lover told me: “You are an inquisitive person.” Women never say things like that to me. Women leave me feeling drained and empty. Men fill me up with love and motivate me. By surrendering to a man I am surrendering to God. By surrendering to God I open up and the Holy Spirit is able to enter me.