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Megan’s Law, Transnational Child Sex Trafficking Registration, and Irregular Immigration

Convicted foreign child sex offenders should be required to comply with Megan’s Law registration while visiting the United States. Convicted British child sex trafficking suspect Paul Charles Wilkins was arrested by undercover federal agents at El Camino del Sol in Palm Springs while attempting to procure a 9 year-old Mexican boy for sex. Wilkins and other gay pedophiles routinely circumvent Megan’s Law in order to reoffend child sex trafficking statutes. Where is Paul Wilkins listed as a child sex offender?  If Wilkins is listed anywhere in the UK, how would the US citizenry know of his presence on American soil?  Wilkins should be listed on Megan’s Law.

JUMPING JURISDICTIONS:  How would any landlord or property manager in the vast California desert know if they were renting to a convicted pedophile who is only registred in the UK, Los Angeles or New York?


My research suggests that current Megan’s Law registration could be improved to better protect the community from serious threats to the safety of your children. Loopholes in non-compliance with out-of-state vacation and temporary residence requirements are being exploited by jumping jurisdictions to engage in child sex trafficking. 

Gay Pedophile Child Sex Trafficking

Megan’s Law registered gay child sex trafficker John Herriot is only registered in West Hollywood. What if Herriot wants to purchase or lease a villa at El Camino del Sol and set up a child sex trafficking operation? Monte Vista Elementary School is located two blocks away. How would parents and teachers know that an international child sex trafficking operation was located down the street?  El Camino del Sol is at the extremely busy intersection or Racquet Club and Indian Canyon. Registered San Francisco pedophiles could be sitting up on the balcony looking for teenage boys to recruit, transport and market as boy sex slaves in leather gear.

Registered transnational pedophiles are attempting to use the desert as a source of impoverished Mexican lads for the boy lover club pipeline. Only tightening up Megan’s Law address requirements can prevent what happened at El Camino del Sol.  Only improving Megan’s Law listings can prevent serious threats such as Paul Charles Wilkins moving in next door to your teenage son.

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