Child Trafficking

who is john herriott


If you are visiting this website you are probably interested in becoming a private citizen undercover gay child sex trafficking investigator.  A citizen investigator works mainly online without a badge or a gun.  Becoming an investigator requires self-motivation. 

Are you an inquisitive fearless person?   Intelligent people are needed to take charge of this situation because homosexual child sex traffickers are looking for your pre-pubescent male children and you should be doing something about it.  I know because I have have been naked with these pedophiles and now I am making everyone aware.  Due to my practice of outdoor nudity I became intimately acquainted with private club California Men Enjoying Naturism leader John Herriot and his co-conspirator Rich Boehle. 

gay child sex trafficking

At a 2014 CMEN planning meeting in West Hollywood, these two deviants announced their intention to promote gay leather sexual fetish rituals to 12 year-old boys.  Mr. Herriot is a registered sex offender of children under the age of 14 years.  One of Mr. Herriot’s main co-conspirators in the Coachella Valley is Jeff Cowan. 

Mr. Cowan is contributing to the delinquency of his damaged son Jarrad with emotional child abuse.  Cowan and Steve De La Cruz need to be monitored by concerned citizens of the Southern California this summer.  Your quality of life depends upon how far you are willing to take matters into your own hands.  The information on website will provide your basic blue print and instructions such as this Pop-Up Restraining Order.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO PREVENT Child Sex Trafficking in San Bernardino County?

Herriot has relocated CMEN from Malibu to San Bernardino, California. Camp Shalom Malibu burned down in the 2018 Woolsey Fire. So now CMEN will be having their West Coast gathering at an as-of-yet undisclosed commercial summer camp in  the San Bernardino mountains If you support CMEN then you support child sex trafficking.  I wish that the pedophile faction was not part of CMEN because if there were no boy trafficking connected with CMEN I would love to be naked in the Southern California mountains this Labor Day Weekend 2019.  The price has gone up considerably but it you are into outdoor gay anal sex in a sling it is worth it.  If you don’t like to fuck outside then you can go into the Jiffy Lube tent.  If you are broke like I was then you can work the event and attend for free.  Tell John Herriot that you want to wash pots and pans so you can attend the $900 event for $150.  That’s what I did.

Investigator Trainee Opportunity in the San Bernardino Mountains

Entry-level investigator trainees are needed to check out the various camps in the San Bernardino mountains to determine which camp is CMEN’s new party venue.  I would love to be there however I have been prohibited from attending CMEN outdoor gay sex parties.  Due to my vocal stance against bisexuals educating children about leather fetish behavior I have been kicked out of CMEN.  Promiscuous gay barnyard sex no longer interests me because now that I have been there and done that I have had my fill of gay pig sex.  Therefore fresh-faced entry-level bisexual investigators are needed to go to the CMEN website and sign up for the West Coast Gathering.

Results of Investigating Government Corruption in Riverside County

J.R. Roberts will not be running for re-election to the Palm Springs City Council thanks in part to this website exposing his misrepresentation that he is a licensed California architect. Mr. Roberts gives the gay excuse that he does not believe in district based council representation.  I don’t believe J.R. is not running because the City of Palm Springs is trying to improve the electoral process, do you?

Gay Child Sex Trafficking Cover-Up

What if John Herriot is the only homosexual that people will read about today? In 2017 I began experiencing a lot of problems in my Palm Springs community life. John Herriot and Jeff Cowan were making my life difficult. However I didn’t know that it was even them or what they were doing.

It turns out that John Herriot is a really bad person. He has been convicted and sent to prison for gay child sex trafficking. John Herriot was telling lies that there was a restraining order against me. There was never any such order. The resulting good news is that in tracking down the source of my problems I transformed myself into a private investigator.

Herriot was poisoning my Palm Springs life because in 2014 I prevented Herriot and Rick Boehle from conducting sexual training workshops for 12 year-old boys in Malibu, California. Will you prevent Herriot and Boehle from mainstreaming their pedophile belief system?

Rick Boehle Gay Leather Fetish Workshops for Boys

Why was John lying about me? Several years previous I stood up to John and Rick Boehle. I told them that I did not want them to conduct any gay leather fetish workshops for twelve year-old boys.

Gay child sex trafficking by registered child sex offender John Herriott’s fake youth league baseball uniform business first came to my attention in 2017. Since then the California Men Enjoying Naturism has moved their premier event to San Bernardino, CA.

Is There Gay Child Sex Trafficking at the Actual CMEN Events?

Is Herriot trafficking in boys at the actual CMEN events? No of course not. Most bisexual and homosexual men would oppose open gay sex trafficking of underage children. CMEN is a cover for Herriot and his operation.


Pedophilia is characterized by the infantile disposition of the CMEN’s Saturday Night Shows at their nudist gatherings. John Herriot achieves sexual and social satisfaction from openly displaying his arrested state of development. He brazenly shows off his child like persona to embolden other budding pedophiles in the audience. John Herriott is striving to make gay child sex trafficking socially acceptable.

One of the objectives of this website is to illustrate how illegal behavior as reprehensible as man-upon-child sex becomes acceptable. I attended three CMEN Gatherings in Malibu. The whole time I felt like I was being programmed with something I did not want. I do not want to kiss every male who merely professes to be “gay”. On Saturday night I felt like John was shoving his pedophilic tendencies upon me. It felt like Herriot was trying to get everyone acclimated to the practice of anal childishness.

Speak Out Against Gay Child Sex Trafficking

I never new about gay child sex trafficking until I met Herriot and Boehle. As a result I was inspired to speak out with this blog. The purpose of this new webpage is to call sexually adventurous men to action. Do not let John Herriot sell a perverted brand of gay nudism to San Bernardino. What if John Herriot is the only homosexual that people will read about today?