THE INTERNET KILLED THE GAY BAR: Is there really such a thing as the Gay Community anymore?

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Where is the Gay Community?

Is there really such an animal as the gay community? Do we really need a separate community for unrepressed and liberated individuals? Do you want to isolate yourself with people exactly like you just to have a good time? For a little while. The best things in life are secret. I kind of liked homosexuality a little more when it was dangerous and forbidden. The closet was fun because you could do whatever you want. When you are in the closet not even other gay people can influence you. Being part of any gay community is really just being well socialized and skilled at adaptation. Count me in. I am an expert on the gay community and the straight community. I like both. For a few dollars anyone can instantly become a part of the gay nudist community at places like All World’s Resorts in Palm Springs. 


I love the Gay Community

I love and need the gay community. I live in the homosexual paradise of Palm Springs. The homosexual community is an incredible resource for pansexual eccentrics such as myself. The point of this article is that in the age of the Internet the entire planet is the gay community. The only specialized community is the one you create and this is my attempt. The desert. The beauty. The freedom. When I need it I can jump into this commercial community. 

What else can I say? Everyone is Gay. -Kurt Cobain

The gay and lesbian community took over Palm Springs and made it what it is today. Not even Gene Autry could conquer Palm Springs. The homosexuals finally did it. Living in the desert during the summer is totally gay. The desert gay community is what you make it. The point of this article is to capture your individual interest in the notion of a sexual community. You visualized it and now here is your perfect community. You have found me. I am a pansexual adventurer in the desert creating an idealized version of modern American bohemian life.  


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.