Gay Con Artist

Palm Springs Councilperson and gay con man JR Roberts is the fraudulent face of public corruption in the twisted gay desert. Gay con artists with their trivial camp drag Pride 2017 promotional parades and fake community con jobs just love the isolation of the vast and lawless California desert.

For $117 I am running around naked for three days in Warm Sands on Pride Sunday, avoiding parades and angry gay locker room attendants. All World’s Resort sells the pass as 24/7 and then complains when I walk in all dazed by the time change. So here I sit naked at the pool playing with my perineum and practicing nude Kundalini yoga.

jon reuben robertsThe big gay con is to just keep talking until everyone believes your bullshit and votes for you. That’s what JR did. That’s what gay community con jobs can do for you. The key is to not con yourself in the process. I conned myself and found a way out through sacred mastubation. Homosexuality is just group masturbation on many different levels.

unlicensed gay architect jr

The Gay Con Artist Entrepreneur 

I just can’t complain enough about the homosexual con job called JR Roberts’ Palm Springs. There needs to be more public and private sanitation in PS.  The unsuspecting public needs to be protected from unscrupulous commercial homosexual influenced enterprises spreading bacterial meningitis and hepatitis A. All Worlds Resort needs the angry Asian employee to stop inspecting my radiant anal coloring and clean the toilets. Install more toilets and showers in PS bath houses called gay resorts. A real bath house is cheaper and cleaner than a fake PS bath house.

Palm Springs Councilman JR Roberts

Criminal Information

The fact that JR Roberts misrepresents his UCLA architectural credentials is called a criminal information. The investigators job is to connect the criminal information dots between Roberts, child sex trafficker John Herriot and other gay criminals operating in the Coachella Valley.  What part does JR Roberts play in the shortage of public and private hygiene amongst the so-called homeless in PS? What part does JR’s fake credentials play in the shortage of toilets, showers and baths in the gay sex resorts of the desert?   There needs to be a public referendum on public and private gay sea space in the desert. The City of Palm Springs needs to provide better public and private sanitation for their little gay Pride parade 2017. 

1030 West Cielo Dr.