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Gay For Pay

You gotta have a sexy gay for pay image these days. My secret is to be skinny and shave every day. I just perfected my full body nude suntan at a gay sex resort, but I didn’t have sex with anyone. Gay sexual promiscuity no longer satisfies me.

When I return to the Bay Club Howard Hughes Center I am going to spend an hour in the shower shaving my pubic hair and thighs. It looks really gay for a man to be shaved clean and have a dark tan on my butt. Chauncey Dennis and the latent homosexual Africans have called me out. Now the ball is in their court.

Gay for pay

The past, present and future of my sexuality is the perfection of my self-identified status as gay for pay. Homosexuality has to pay off for me in emotional or financial gratification.  You’ve seen sexy women use heterosexual men as meal tickets? I’m the same way except that heterosexual, bisexual and homosexual men are all attracted to my smooth Latino-in-cognito body. I’m gay for pay just like your wife is sexually available for marriage only. I no longer give it away for free. I’ve been hanging out all weekend at Palm Springs gay nudist resort rip offs and haven’t had sex with anyone. I just masturbate like a Kundalini Yogi. 

My First Gay Sex

When I was 14 years old my next door neighbor Joey Parrish would suck my cock for hours. I never reciprocated and he would get angry. Even at that young age I knew I was bisexual thanks to the David Bowie interview in Playboy magazine. When Bowie said he was bisexual, I decided to hang my hat on that and it served me well my entire life.

Gay For Competition

A lot of times I perceive myself as being in sexual competition with women and other men. I’m 60 years old and not really that interested in sexual conquest. However I get a rush on the effect that my smooth skinny sexy body has on everyone else. 

Gay for pay