gay intimate communion

Gay Intimate Communion

Being openly gay is the best damn revenge. Running around Palm Springs naked and having gay intimate communion is the greatest feeling of total freedom. After a lifetime of hearing the word “no” I am doing whatever I want to do sexually in life. Gratifying my body, mind and soul with gay intimate communion has liberated me to discover what I really want in life from men also. Do you want more from life in Palm Springs than just great sex all the time? Begin your journey of self-discovery by experiencing gay intimate communion with me. Come with me and together we will go spiritually, sexually and emotionally naked in the desert . . . 

Happiness is an option living in a gay resort town where I can easily connect with other masculine men. There are thousands of healthy gay sexually active men available. There are numerous homosexual lifestyle social and community resources. Although I need and value the gay Palm Springs community I find that I don’t really enjoy being out in public with large groups of homosexual men that much. I actually enjoy the general mixed straight and gay social functions I attend. The gay only parties, events and meals will always be there. What I am saying is that I don’t need the gay social functions as much as I need the energizing tactile intimacy of really deep sexual connection between men.

What I want in life is to be experiencing homosexual intimate communion with one special, passionate and spiritually energetic masculine man. What I am saying is that gay social community life does not really interest me as much as the sexual intimacy and liberation from that very community. For me being homosexual is all about the sexual part. My mission is to put the sex back into homosexuality. My passion is to put intimacy and emotional gratification into all of my lovemaking whether it is with one man or the entire universe. I think what I am really trying to say is my current crop of friends is not gay enough for me!

Gay Intimate Communion is a Refined and Developed Love Skill

By learning how to release my ego and merge with my lover I can lose myself in intimate communion with masculine men. To train myself to be more fully present in the hear and now I had to get over my premature ejaculation anxiety. I am no longer ejaculation focused.  These days I can edge for hours as the result of my white tantra ejaculation control skills. By not ejaculating I am able to experience a multi-orgasmic state where I am experience a constant orgasm. By practicing white tantra and edging for hours I experience gay intimate communion with the universe. My intimate communion with the word is so intense that I feel it now even out in public and fully dressed. Let me teach you gay intimate communion. 

Masculine Intimate Communion in the Desert

You are looking for something special and gay intimate communion could be your answer. You know there is more out there than great gay bathhouse sex. Your heart and soul long for emotional vibration. Many gay men talk to much because most talking is just an emotional release.  The words most gay men say at social functions don’t really mean anything. We are talking for emotional gratification. I have been experimenting with this in my gay intimate communion these days. I have been more and more vocally expressive during my lovemaking. When men have their penis or their finger on my prostate I chirp, gasp and shriek with pleasure. My sexual vocal stylings are very original and passionate. This sexual vocal expression broadens my sexual experience. My bringing my sexual “singing” into it I increase my pleasure and that of my lover. By expressing my joy with my “sexual singing” I inspire and motivate my top while he is penetrating me. Many men have stated that they do not need Viagra with me. This is because I make my top feel special and powerful by expressing my sexual pleasure. Last summer a big power top said I reminded him of a “pixie” while he was fucking me in his swing. I really took this as a compliment and my pixie image stays in my sexual memory bank. I like to think of myself as competition for women. I have trained my body to supremely enjoy getting fucked by men. Thinking of heterosexual women makes me want to get fucked by hetersexual men. After a lifetime of hearing the word “no” I am saying yes to homosexual intimacy. 

Sexual intimate communion in Palm Springs can heal and transform you soul with love. By learning how to transmute your sexual energy into connection you will take the focus off of orgasmic release. I am here waiting to show you how.
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