Palm Springs Nudist Yoga

Palm Springs nudist yoga is one of the highlights of the gay community in the desert. Naturism and outdoor hatha yoga were made for each other. In India laya yoga is practiced naked. Laya is the forerunner of my practice: nude kundalini yoga. I practice naked yoga in my backyard and living room. My condo complex is almost totally gay and everyone knows I run around naked. Everyone in Palm Springs is okay with nude homosexuals running around having fun in the sun. I even go naked in the jacuzzi, I just keep my swim suit ready. The most important thing about practicing Palm Springs nudist yoga is that you will look good enough to run around naked.

Palm Springs Nudist Yoga is Donation Based

You get what you pay for right? I am not a professional yoga teacher I am a professional nudist. I have been practicing meditation, hatha yoga and tantric masturbation for over forty years. My goal now is to teach naked yoga and tantric masturbation on a donation basis to the heterosexual and homosexual men of California. There are plenty of options for yoga in Palm Springs and they going rate is $15.00 to $20.00 per yoga class just like it is up in Los Angeles. You get what you pay for right? The purpose of this article is to get you to see that the best Palm Springs nudist yoga is at my place and it is donation based.

Naturism and nudity are healthy. There is a lot of gay naked lifestyle options in a place like Palm Springs. People in California reinvent themselves down here. The desert is inherently a place for individuals who can clean their consciousness and their bodies and become purified by practicing proper breathing. The purpose of this article is to get you to come over to my place for some naked yoga that will purify your soul. 


palm springs nudist yoga