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Gays, Nazi’s, and Empty Slogans

Face Painting As Gay Propaganda

CMEN website administrator PJ Escobar aka The Texas Badboy is responsible for publishing hateful lies about non-existent restraining orders on Fakebook.  This is typical knee-jerk homosexual self-hatred propaganda. If Mr. PJ Escobar chooses to sexually idealize 12 year-old boys, that is his prerogative.  If I choose to criticize the sexual exploitation of 12 year-old boys, I am well within my legal rights to publish such information.  Neither Escobar, Herriot or any other self-described CMEN pedophiles have responded to requests from this website to set the record straight on their claims of restraining orders. The law says that as registered child sex offenders these gay men are classified as tier-one violent criminals. I have taken it upon myself to take them down. Escobar must be immediately deported to Mexico.


pete cutter cmen pedophileWho is this Pete Cutter CMEN member from Atlanta, GA? You guys can’t really all be transnational child copulators can you? You better just keep of these boy lover club members out of Malibu. Naturism is about health and well being. John Herriot does not get a get out of jail card just because he has CMEN like Pete Cutter voting for him. All the SEMEN support in the world does not enable you to engage in illegal conduct. Let Pete Cutter pay for child prostitutes overseas because I will not take his harassment just because he is gay. 

Gay Propaganda: The Escobar Promise to Leave Estados Unidos

PJ Escobar also published statements that as a result of the Donald Trump presidential election victory, the emotionally distraught Mr. Escobar was moving back home to Mexico.  Has Escobar bothered to produce a copy of his alleged restraining order or move back to his beloved homeland?  No he has not!  

Can’t you just see PJ Escobar running around Mexico naked saying that he can fuck 12 year-old boys up their ass because there is a non-existent restraining order against somebody in the USA? Did Pablito Escobar assume that if the Clinton Crime Family seized power gay people could paint slogans on their faces with gay propaganda denying Dean McAdams his constitutional right to freedom of expression?  Face paint on Facebook will not shield your fake motives and child sex trafficking sir.  Make good on your threats to take your impoverished ass back to Tijuana.


Reading over Mr. Escobar’s threats in his text messages he keeps referring to calling the authorities because I am in violation of a “cease and desist order”. Escobar still has to produce something in writing. No matter what lie he labels it with, he must still produce a copy. Mr. Escobar insists that he will “see me in court.”  When I was in court on Herriots bogus TRO I did not see Mr. PJ Escobar in court. Nobody was in court except for me and the Judge. Herriot paid a low budget LA attorney to phone his fraudulent appearance in via court call.


pj escobar

Are you CMEN stooges getting this: Herriot’s LA lawyer phoned in his appearance in Riverside County Superior Court by paying an extra fee. Neither Herriot or his lawyer cared enough about their case to actually show up in court. Now this Pablito Escobar character thinks he can just run around saying that he has called the authorities as if this lets him go down to El Ciudad de Juarez and import teenage Mexican boys to Starland and Palm Springs.

Black Lives Matter 2.0

Gay people really just want have parades and carry signs saying “Only Gay Lives Matter”. Labeling yourself as gay is sexist.  Gay Pride is like saying you are a special and different class of person.  This is illegal in America.  Man to man sex is a great thing in life, but it is not the most important thing that I want to self-identify as.  Because of hypocrites like Mr. PJ Escobar I want less and less to do with the gay cultural scene. I want to thrive in the bigger world.  I want to hang out with women in public and men in private. However PJ Escobar has taken it upon himself to post lies on Fakebook that there is a non-existent restraining order against me. I want Escobar out of my life.  Go back to Mexico like you whined about on Facebook you faggy little cherry flavored taquita. 

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.