Philadelphia Playground Pimp

The School Teacher Pedophile

Meet Gay School Teacher Pedophile and CMEN Spokesman & Promoter Charles Kenyon, Jr. of Center City, Philadelphia, PA   

Charlie’s personality is extremely passive-aggressive in the classic gay man-child manner of constantly whining for attention. Be careful how much you reveal about yourself because he will shit-talk behind your back. Look around any school yard and you may see him tripping and falling down while walking along staring at child pornography on his cell phone. He will be probably be wearing a CMEN cap, torn & soiled clothing, and have that creepy prefabricated sickly gay child smile on his doughy face.

This creep only bathes occasionally and does not wash his dishes or utensils before returning them to the kitchen shelves. Chas takes a morning walk from his pedophile headquarters on Ogden Street to the local CVS or Rite-Aid for a daily diet coke. Fake sugar for fake people with fake claims about non-existent restraining orders. Kenyon should be interrogated and stopped before he gives the entire gay naturist community a bad reputation as child sex traffickers. 

Mr. Kenyon is an international traveller who prefers 12 year old Asian boys as sex partners. He frequently travels to the Philippines and Thailand because it is easier to hire child prostitutes from their mothers in third world countries.

School Teacher Pedophile
Deception Techniques

Charlie Kenyon will lie and say that there is a restraining order against Dean McAdams which prevents discussion of his human trafficking conspiracy with CMEN.  There is no restraining order against Dean McAdams.  If there were in fact a restraining order, Kenyon would be legally required to produce a copy of any such order.  If in fact there were a Philadelphia restraining order, that order would require a legal procedure known as sister-state domestication of foreign order.  There is no sister-state jurisdiction because there is no order to be enforced.

International School Teacher Pedophile as Naturist

A common criminal technique is to infiltrate an organization and corrupt it. Kenyon is using gay naturism as a cover to legitimize his aberrated sexuality. By using CMEN and Camp Shalom as an excuse to run around the country naked, Kenyon legitimized his child sex trafficking enterprise.  Kenyon has created a versatile conspiracy of gay and bisexual naturists, leather fetish aficionados, baseball uniform salesman and other practicing gay pedophiles.

Gay School Teacher Pedophile Network

Kenyon and Herriot personally vet each pedophile admitted to  You are not allowed to actually pay for a boy lover club prostitute until Kenyon and Herriot personally introduce you to Jeff Calvert, Esq.  Jeff is chief counsel for CMEN and once he gives the okay, you will be able to arrange sex with 12 year old boys in Yucca Valley.

Anyone remotely connected to Camp JCA Shalom Malibu, Charles Kenyon, John Herriot, Rick Boehle, Jeff Calvert, Esq, PJ Escobar, Steve Fuji, Starland, Whispering Oaks, Tennessee and California Men Enjoying Naturism will be legally investigated and probably prosecuted by Dean McAdams.

I am waiting for one of you smart-ass shit-talking motherfuckers to find a corrupt attorney who will file a bullshit lawsuit against me. My civil litigation background is in defense work and so I only know how to draft answers and crosscomplaints like a kill-shot blood-lust highrise white-shoe downtown LA law firm does. Only a total loser ambulance-chasing chiropractor-loving plaintiff’s lawyer would file a lawsuit against me on behalf of John Herriot and CMEN. 

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