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Is Gay Socialization a Mathematical Impossibility Without Women?

I can feel gay isolation in the middle of a crowded room of naked men at a homosexual cocktail party. Gay socialization means no women. Is it truly social if there are no women? No feminine energy is boring. Even if I am not sexually intimate with women I feel them completing my energy just being around them. Drag and feminine men just don’t resonate with me. Much of gay life involves drag. I always hated drag but I started tolerating it five years ago when I immersed myself in gay social scenes. Gay socialization gets to be monotonous. The water is getting warm in this boiling pot . . .

Gay Socialization Made Me Jump Out of the Pot of Boiling Water

My body’s immune system is naturally breaking down with age. My mind’s immune system is also naturally narrowing with my meditation and spiritual life. I need spiritual socialization more than sexual gratification. I’m breaking out of this gay social prison and taking out as many people with me as I can!

Gay socialization means exposure to every bug, virus, disease and infection going around the world today. AIDS, herpes, bacterial meningitis, toenail fungus, jock itch, and athlete’s foot are endemic in the modern homosexual community. What the hell is Zinka? Do I need to be concerned?

To facilitate my homosexual education with Dr. McDuff, I opened myself up to leather, BDSM and sex toys. I joined California Men Enjoying Nature and watched water sports, drag shows, circle jerks and other sexual obsession fetish massage rituals at men’s gatherings in Malibu and Griffith Park. I have been to the major gay community centers in the American capital cities.

Of course in my youth I perused gay bars, bathhouses, bookstores, back alleys, parks and stopped short of public restrooms. I jumped out of the pot of boiling water before my sex buddy Steven Drake could drag me in there with him after he introduced me to cruising North Hollywood Park at night. Scary, creep, dangerous gay American darkness. I was right there conning myself into believing that I was “just doing research”. I was a sleazy sex addled faggot all wrapped up in the darkness of my own desperate soul.  

Many of these gay social environments offer a limited range of social activities if a man has what it takes for social mobility anywhere. A successful gay man needs outstanding physical attractiveness and a sexy body. For a nude gay man to interact with another attractive libidinous naked homosexuals in an outdoor sexual conquest environment requires superior social skills. Cruising for gay sex in public places requires a tolerance for rejection and an abundance of sexual self-esteem. The best thing about gay social life is that I learned self-esteem and confidence.  

I feel that gay socialization, training and intimacy has made me a better lover of straight women. Now I am learning from women again. I no longer focus on my genitals, I just focus on socialization in general. I can feel women communicating with their hearts and men with their genitals and I want to speak from my heart.  I need heart socialization more than gay socialization.

Transmutation of sexual energy is the defining moment of a man’s life. What does a man do with his life to distinguish himself? I am making a stand. The purpose of this website is to educate men to the fact that homosexuality was never intended to be a full time occupation. Keep your gay life in the closet and socialize in the real world, not some gay ghetto in West Hollywood or Palm Springs.