Gay Spiritual Terrorism: Not Every Girl Needs a Dress

Individual gay spiritual terrorism means going it alone. You really are all alone in the world. The sooner you face it the healthier you will be. So if you see the Buddha along side the road, kill him. Also kill all of his brainwashed disciples. If you happen to be a follower of Buddha then please shave the inside of your head.

You are not brainwashed. You seek truth. You are here reading this iconoclastic pansexual liberation rant. But please don’t believe every word I say, check it all out for yourself. Do your own research. You do not need religion and religion does not need you. You are already brave enough to self identify as gay so now go all the way and self identify as neutral. No nature. Point zero right next to God. You are done with hand-me-down religion and psychobabble song & dance routines. You are really pansexual intimate communion with the divine. So get up and dance about it. Get an authentic nude yoga practice with one breath one movement. Be genuine. Be real. Be hatha yoga flow in the sexy American morning. 

Currently I am slightly associated with a gay inclusive religion that has changed its name from Religious Science to Center for Spiritual Living. Sometimes I listen to the mouthpieces of Religious Science and laugh. God has absolutely nothing to do with religion. My own religion makes me laugh. My own so called gay spirituality makes me laugh even louder. This is me laughing out loud bombing you with intimate gay spiritual terrorism. I’m just getting off drinking coffee and saying good morning to the nude yoga community of Palm Springs. 

Gay Spiritual Terrorism

My purpose is to demonstrate my individual gay spiritual terrorism not preach about it. My individual gay sexual spiritual persona is evolving even now. It is pre-dawn in the desert. I have a ton of personal family trust litigation to prepare for trial. Yet I am compelled to transmute my sexual energy into these terrorist words for you to find. Practice naked yoga with me for personal transformation. 

Tantrika Terrorist

My nude yoga dakini practice is an act of terror. Emotionally intimate naked yoga is subversive and dangerous because of its inherent power to liberate. Do you want to think for yourself or do you want to be a lamb led to the slaughter?

Liberate yourself with gay spiritual terrorism. Come to the desert. Take off your clothes. Practice nude Palm Springs yoga with me. For free. I will be your gay mentor to the elevated consciousness of enlightened homosexuality. Go beyond great sex into love and emotional intimacy with men who have sex with me. 

White Tantra Gay Spiritual Terrorism

Last night I engaged in rather mediocre lovemaking that soothed my soul more than my passion. I am at a new level of sexual self mastery and ejaculation control. I wanted and needed a therapeutic orgasm but I held back. I have been manic all night. My trial prep is going good and I am really excited about recovering my stolen inheritance at trial in February. I need to pump out this gay emotional intimacy blog for the bisexual community. I am in such a transformative homosexual evolution that I now want to attract straight men. Homophobic men have always accused me of flaunting my smooth sexy skinny brown ass. I have made my skin dark with sun tanning because I want to be the new dark love boy.

Exciting multimedia mass communications content creation is what individual gay spirituality is all about. This website is a demonstration of my eccentric spirituality. There is no gay community. There is a gay marketing audience. Telling people they should buy your gay merchandise works because you are gay and they are gay works. Mormons buy from Mormons and gays buy from gays. Right?

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.