Alvin B. Sherron, Esq.

Los Angeles, CA

Re: Kenyon is the Sine Qua Non of this Problem
Riverside Superior Court Case No. PSC 160 6342

New Year’s Resolution: All I Want Is The Truth

Dear Mr. Sherron:

The purpose of this blog is to address the fatal flaws in your client John Karl Herriot’s Memorandum of Points and Authorities in your Ex Parte Application for a Temporary Restraining Order Enjoining Defendant Dean McAdams. Your moving papers fail to cite any legal authority meriting such an order. The gay truth of the matter is that it is your client John Herriot who is liable for public disclosure of private facts.  

school teacher pedophileGAY TRUTH:  The fact that international traveller and Center City, PA resident Charles Kenyon, Jr. is making false accusations about a non-existent restraining order has harmed both myself and your client Herriot. If not for Mr. Kenyon’s tortious conduct, none of these sordid events would have transpired.  If not for your client John Herriot repeating vicious rumors, I would have never even Googled his name! If Charlie Kenyon had of kept is mouth shut I never would have found out that John Herriot is a child copulator and dangerous violent criminal pursuant to Megan’s Law. Everyone concerned in this matter needs to somehow get Philadelphia pedophile promoter to cease and desist all false accusations against Dean McAdams. Are you SEMEN getting this?  Charlie Kenyon started all of this shit!  

This is gay truth. Gays just want to do whatever they feel like just like every other power hungry minority group does. The gay truth is that your client and his CMEN supporters just want to march up and down Palm Canyon Boulevard with rainbow signs saying “Hooray for Our Side! Pedophile Lives Matter”.  

Gay Truth and Justice for Herriot and Dean McAdams

It is my informed opinion that Herriot’s claims are against Charlie Kenyon for starting the vicious rumors about restraining orders and that your client should first be seeking legal remedies from Kenyon.  If we can get a court order that there is no Charles Kenyon restraining order against Dean McAdams, then we can obtain another court order that John Herriot is restrained from falsely disseminating false accusations that there is a restraining order against McAdams. Then all parties can be served with a court order that McAdams allowed to attend the 2017 CMEN Fall Gathering in Malibu.  I need to attend all CMEN events in order to investigate child sex trafficking in Southern California.  

richard n. boehleGay Truth About Richard N. Boehle

My research, discovery and investigation indicate that Mr. Richard N. Boehle of Burbank, CA is the brains behind the boylover club private chatroom. There is no way a buffoon like Herriot could pull off an operation this big. Perhaps Mr. Herriot can obtain legal remedy from Mr. Boehle?  My informed opinion is that Boehle was trying to feel me out on my position on pedophilia and when I publicly admonished him he decided to retaliate.  At that time I was neutral on the practice of man-to-child copulation. Now I am disgusted that I have been associating with gay pedophiles without my knowledge. The gay truth of the matter is that a simple apology from Herriot and Kenyon would go a long way to fixing this gay problem. Your guys should have told everyone you were peds. Now I feel betrayed. Your guys just make me sick and tired of gay truth and politics. Is there anyway you can just meet my demands to completely disband CMEN?  The world would be a much better and safer place without your guys. Plus it just really is not nice to spread vicious rumors. Think about it. What if Herriot and Kenyon went around telling your friends that there was a restraining order against you and there really wasn’t?

Tell the Truth to CMEN

What if CMEN members start finding out that there really is no restraining order against me?  Aren’t you afraid that would cause some SEMEN to cease believing anything that comes out of Herriot’s mouth?  What if someone in CMEN is brave enough to ask Herriot to let them onto the boylover club chatroom?  What if CMEN start finding out that the law classifies Herriot as a dangerous violent criminal? My informed opinion is that you should just send me a written statement from Herriot, Kenyon, Dalwigk, Calvert and Boehle that there is no restraining order against anyone in this matter. Perhaps you should have everyone in CMEN sign it. How is your client going to make me whole? How is Charlie Kenyon going to take back the lies that made Rich Dalwigk call the Palm Springs Police Department and misrepresent that there is a restraining order?

How are you going to solve Herriot’s legal problems if you don’t use legal citations in your court filings? You have a lot of problems with your legal work sir. Do you even know what you are doing?


Dean McAdams
Investigative Blogger
Palm Springs, CA

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