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 Gay White Male Con Artist 

Palm Springs City Council member and Mayor pro tem J.R. Roberts spits on women, harasses them over parking spots, and lies about being an architect.  This guy is never going to be nominated to sit on the bench of the United States Supreme Court.  Gay white male con artist J.R. Rip-Off is out of control and getting worse.  Where will it all end up and how much liability will be imputed upon the ailing City of Palm Springs?  During the course of any investigation, the clean get cleaner and the dirty get dirtier and JR Roberts just got a little more soiled.  Fairness and decency demand that JR Roberts resign from office immediately. 

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 Public Disgrace 

Civic duty mandates the analysis of the bribery and corruption in Palm Springs.  If gay white male con artist JR Roberts will spit on women while Vice Mayor, what will he do to them now that he is still a disgraced Mayor pro tem?  Call the PSPD on them for parking spot violations?  JR Roberts is misrepresenting himself to the people of Palm Springs as an architect.  What else is JR Roberts misrepresenting?  Are the women of Palm Springs at risk from a serial spit artist?  J.R. Roberts has demonstrated a continual and ongoing pattern of wrongful conduct and may have violated a written agreement not to engage in wrongful activity.  A warning is a warning.  JR was warned and he disobeyed the warning.  Ergo he should step down from public office immediately. 

 Request for Copy of 2000 Citation 

The purpose of this article is to informally request the production of a copy of the 2000 Citation issued against Sausalito Vice Mayor J.R. Roberts for spitting on a council woman.  What exactly did JR agree to?  The FBI has already been all over Palm Springs and now maybe they need to go back for a follow-up investigation into the deception at PS City Hall. Does Palm Springs even know how to properly vet J.R. Roberts?  

 FBI Follow-Up Investigation Needed 

Washington Post 10-2-2018 | Reports this weekend said the administration initially had a preapproved list of witnesses for the FBI to pursue. Trump denied that, and the White House is now telling the bureau to talk to anyone it needs to — which is good, as such a limitation would severely hamstring the FBI’s ability to follow the evidence wherever it might go. Professional investigators need to keep an open mind and follow all credible leads. Building a precise blueprint in advance is inconsistent with the principles of an unbiased and thorough investigation and could curtail the otherwise crucial information that might still be collected.

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 Parking Spot Dispute With Commercial Neighbor Joane Garcia-Colson 

Joane Garcia-Colson, who owns a restaurant in Palm Springs is alleging that JR Roberts “bullied, threatened and harrassed” her over a parking spot, according to a post she left on the Palm Springs Politics Facebook page.  You can read more about the whole tawdry affair than you will ever want to know on Cactus Hugs

PALM SPRINGS, CA – JUNE 02: Bianca Rae and J.R. Roberts attend the Palm Springs Walk of Stars honors Bianca Rae Ceremony on June 2, 2017 in Palm Springs, California. (Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)