Gazing At My Navel

In the middle of a heat wave I was sitting in the library reading the news on my iPhone while waiting for the maid to finish cleaning my apartment. One of the elderly gay brothers walked by and jocularly quipped: “What are you doing, gazing at your navel?” “Yes” I succinctly replied to the gentleman as I thought to myself, I am gazing at my navel in public while fully clothed and I can’t wait to get back to my apartment to further contemplate various parts of my body.

four statues of naval gazers
Four statues of naval gazers at the Louvre

In order to have something to write about I tried meditating while contemplating my navel but my neck was so uncomfortable that I did not pursue my brief experiment in omphaloskepsis any further.

Omphaloskepsis: Navel-gazing


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Omphaloskepsis or navel-gazing is contemplation of one’s navel as an aid to meditation.[1]

Actual use of the practice as an aid to contemplation of basic principles of the cosmos and human nature is found in the practice of yoga of Hinduism and sometimes in the Eastern Orthodox Church.[2] In yoga, the navel is the site of the manipura (also called nabhi) chakra, which yogis consider “a powerful chakra of the body”.[3][4] The monks of Mount Athos, Greece, were described as Omphalopsychians by J.G. Minningen, writing in the 1830s, who says they “…pretended or fancied that they experienced celestial joys when gazing on their umbilical region, in converse with the Deity”.[5]

However, phrases such as “contemplating one’s navel” or “navel-gazing” are frequently used, usually in jocular fashion, to refer to self-absorbed pursuits.[6]

Old Age Was Made For Navel Gazing

I am thankful that I spent so much time and effort on practicing yoga and meditation in my youth. My well-meditated mind enables me to walk around in a perpetual state of meditation. Nothing really bothers me that much anymore because I run everything by the cosmic navel of God first.