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Disrespect for the Dead

Goldhammer’s Ghost

Lori Beth Goldhammer (1-20-1960 – 1-12-1990) died from cancer when she was only 29 years-old. Her brother-in-law Jeff Cowan still keeps a family photograph of her with her husband Alan and kids. The family photo is prominently displayed in his home to this day just so that Jeff can talk shit about Lori Goldhammer. Jeff is a shit talker who is probably talking shit about you. The Ghost of Lori Goldhammer cries out for justice!

The repugnant Mr. Cowan discusses in his memoirs the immense self-satisfaction he took in wearing an outlandish lavender shirt to his sister-in-law Lori (Lowenstein) Goldhammer’s memorial service.  In his usual and customary manner Jeff wanted to piss everyone off. Those are the exact words Jeff uses: “I want to piss-off the foreign tourists.” “I want to piss-off the straight neighbors”. “I want to abuse my son Jarrad by changing my name.”

Repugnant Name Change

Jeff Cowan wanted to piss off his brother Alan Goldhammer at Alan’s wife Lori’s funeral. Why do these two brothers have different last names?  Because Jeff changed his last name from Goldhammer to Cowan because Jeff wanted to piss off his mother and father.  Jeffrey Robert Cowan is out there looking for an anonymous way to piss on you also.

Here is a brief selection from THE MEMOIRS OF JEFFREY COWAN:

ghost lori goldhammer

A Complaint From the Ghost of the Guest of Honor

The repugnant Mr. Cowan was incorrect because the ghost of the guest of honor is complaining by using the medium of this blog. The Ghost of Lori Goldhammer hereby complains to the world about Jeff Goldhammer Cowan’s lavender shirt at her memorial service. Funerals are not for the dead, funerals are for the living. Jeff Cowan is constantly looking for people to disrespect. Jeff Cowan is looking for a way to universally disrespect you also.

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The Ghost of All Repugnant Acts

Jeff Cowan is a repugnant slob who pretends to be gay because it is the only community he can hang out in. Cowan is incompatible with accepted homosexual community standards and must be disciplined. Cowan should probably even be kicked-out of being gay. Jeffrey Robert Cowan’s gay card should be revoked. Cowan even messed-up his son Jarrad’s name so bad that JarHead Cowan is now a stay-at-home dysfunctional.

ghost jarrad cowen
Do You Receive Harassing Phone Calls?

Jeffrey Robert Cowan is out there looking for a way to piss on you also. Maybe you can find a way to anonymously piss-off Jeff Cowan because what goes around comes around. Jeff and Steve De La Cruz are probably making anonymous fraudulent U.S. Social Security Administration phone calls to me right now but my phone ringer is always off because of that.

repugnant asshole
Prevent Desert Community Degradation

The world is getting more and more degraded because of the inappropriate conduct of Jeff Cowan and his associates. The only good thing that comes out of addressing this bad conduct is these blogs. Jeffrey Robert Cowan is out there looking for an anonymous way to piss on the world but this blog is going to stop Jeff Cowan with your help. Have you seen him driving around Cat City with his personalized vanity license plates? Tell Jeff Cowan that the Ghost of Lori Goldhammer does not appreciate the lavender shirt at her funeral and now she wants some payback.