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Sometimes emotional gratification will evolve from unexpected sources.  These days blogging has replaced sex. I used to be really into African men but they are usually only about great sex. I’m in a spiritual mode and I think I am falling in love with a bisexual black man. Well, maybe it’s just infatuation. Emotional infatuation. He came over and brought me something for my post-herpetic neuralgia pain and promised to return tomorrow and fuck me like I’m a girl.

I was thinking about the fact that it has been over a month since I have had sex and so I was looking around online. I am very particular and hard to satisfy. I like super masculine alpha men who are aggressive and over the top. All I have to do is put out the vibe. My favorite man is one who treats me like I’m a girl. 

Thank God for African men who handle me like I’m a girl.  Ron just showed up unannounced ringing my doorbell. Only a bisexual black guy would just ring your doorbell and not call on his cell phone. He was on his lunch break and only stayed for a cup of coffee. He made me sit on his lap, I really love that. I don’t even need sex if a guy will be assertive like that with me. Ron actually sucked my nipples a little bit and he never does that.

My Black Lover Has a Girlfriend

Ron tells me about making love to his girlfriend and I encourage him for the details. One of the sexiest things Ron ever said to me is that he likes guys who are my size. I’m 5′-7″ with fine features. Ron is really starting to warm up to me. It feels really good thinking about him. He kept his clothes on and gave me the energy to smack out another three hundred word blog about transmuting sexual energy. I wish I could see Ron make love to his girl. I sometimes look at straight porn and pretend that I am the girl. I wonder how many blogs I can write about the sexual excitement I am feeling from Ron. I should probably get on Craigslist and make a few more emotional connections.

The blogger known legally as Dean Keith McAdams is a retired legal secretary and ALS advocate from Los Angeles, California. Keith has been blogging in WordPress since 2008. Contact: It only seems complicated but actually life is very simple: "God and I are One, not two."
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