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Glen Castelazo is a Brazen Con Man Who Should Have Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Instead of Waking Me Up After Fourteen Years by Shaking His Snake Oil Bottle at Me Again on January 23, 2018!

Glen Castelazo of Westlake Village is a snake oil salesman who has been stalking me and ripping me off ever since I moved to Villa Esperanza on my sobriety date of January 21, 2004.  The Villa is a 26 acre estate on Triunfo Canyon Road in Agoura Hills, California.  After I got out of alcohol rehab I was the caretaker for Glen Gerson of Milestones Ranch Malibu and Calamigos Ranch on Kanan Dume Road in Malibu.  While doing paralegal contract work for a law firm at the Whizin’s Arcade I met chuckling, glad-handing supplemental insurance salesman C. Glennie Castelazo.  

Local kid Glennie would come by and tell me stories from Villa Esperanza’s colorful commercial history and lay on his sugary soft sell.  Glen said that when Villa Esperanza was a school for wayward girls he and his friends would come by on Saturday nights to visit the troubled teens. 

The thrill-seeking bad girls would climb up on the roof and get high off of the Freon in the air conditioner.  That was why there was a heinous looking heavy duty chain link fence security lock box built around the entire humongous air conditioner on the top of the commercial kitchen.  Glen knows how to break the ice, get in good, and then start selling water to the fish.

Reelin’ in the Years | Breach of Verbal Employment Agreement

Fourteen years ago Glen Castelazo promised me a job that never happened and he cost me a lot of money.  If Carlos Glennie Castelazo is ripping me off then he is probably also ripping off a few other souls out there.  Don’t get mad, get reimbursed by Castelazo & Associates. The purpose of this web page is to obtain 50% reimbursement for the $5,000 I spent to obtain my restricted property & casualty insurance sales license. I told Glenn I had legal problems and Glen said that my legal problems would not interfere with his job offer to sell supplemental disability insurance. Glen lied.  Glen Castelazo thinks he and his son Cruz can call my cell phone and hustle me for the rest of eternity but I am writing this blog to tell the Castelazo’s that their time is up.  It is time to reimburse me because enough is enough. 

Licensing Costs and Attorney Fees

The State of Calfornia made me hire an attorney and testify at a hearing.  My friends Astrid and Danny paid for their own parking in downtown LA and testified on my behalf.  My father came to the hearing and testified for me.  Glenn and his father Carlo were even at the hearing and they both testified.  I spent $5,000 and obtained my restricted license but Glen never even talked to me after that.  He wouldn’t return my phone calls or messages.  Glen Castelazo totally shined me on, gave me the cold shoulder, ignored me for fourteen years.  Then after fourteen years of no communication Glen calls me up out of the blue and tries to sell me a Kangen alkaline water machine.  I have been drinking Kangen since before fat cat Castelazo ever heard of it but he never even asked me.  Glen talked and talked about his great life, his many money-making opportunities, his new family and child. He even laughed his sickly laugh and stressed his five year-old’s name-Cruz. Glen was really proud of that name Cruz.  Then Glen finally shut up and came up for air for a second and asked me what kind of home I owned.  When I told him I was living in a cheap motel he disqualified me as a multi-level marketing prospect for $4,000 Kangen water machines and rather abruptly ended his sales call to me.

Texted Reimbursement Demand for $2,500 on June 28, 2018

I was in shock I had forgotten all about Glen because I was really hurt and needed to get on with my life.  I would have forgotten all about Glennie if he had not of called me on January 23, 2018.  Now I am really angry at remembering how he burned me for $5,000 and also wasted the resources of my friends and family.  Then the sleazy motherfucker texted me on January 24, 2018 and said I had money on the table waiting for me.  Typical Glen Castelazo bullshit.  Glen was never ever going to give me anything.  He just keeps talking and talking until the sound of his fucking voice in my head makes me really angry at what he did to me and my father.  I had to hear about all this from Astrid-in-my-face for a decade. 

The purpose of this website is to prevent Conejo Valley Carlos Glennie Castelazo from ripping anyone else off like he ripped me and my friends and family off.  Last I heard Glen was selling Tupperware in Simi Valley by obtaining leads through the Thousand Oaks Toastmasters Club.



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