While preaching the gluten-free gospel somebody asked me what gluten was and I didn’t have a good answer at that time

Gluten is What Makes Food Fun

Gluten is an elastic protein used to give bread and pasta texture. One day when I was pontificating about getting skinny with a gluten-free diet somebody asked me what gluten was and I didn’t have an answer to the question. I was talking about something that I don’t know about, imagine that. So in order to remedy my past transgressions here is a blog devoted to the definition of gluten.

a substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. A mixture of two proteins, it causes illness in people with celiac disease.

Gluten is the Crunchy Entertainment Component of Food

You are not hungry you are bored. Drink some water and read this blog. Gluten is what makes food textural and fun. Watching my body get skinny is a spiritual experience that is just as much fun as eating bread. You first notice it in the blood vessels on your body. Your arteries seem to stick out more as your fat content recedes. The light falls differently on the nooks and crannies of the back of my hands as I type these words. My legs look like a fashion models legs as my body becomes androgynous in it’s new skinniness.


It’s a good thing narcissism by itself isn’t fatal or else I would have died from it a long time ago. Narcissism can only kill you if you add alcohol or hard drugs. Narcissism can be harnessed as a positive force. Narcissism makes me ask myself the question, “Why did I start eating bread again?

This is not gluten-free but I tried to deny that every night by eating these with peanut butter

Flourless Muffins Still Contain Gluten

Why did I delude myself into putting gluten into my skinny body? Because I was hungry. I was eating peanut butter and Food For Life bread at night and lying to myself that Ezekiel Bread is gluten-free. I was deluding myself and using my illusion.

gluten free body
This is my definition of gluten-free
I Want to Look Like A Model

The best motivation is to see your first small results. Because I am already on the road to skinnyville it becomes easier and easier every day to not eat bread. My body looks so incredible these days that I want to show it off. But I think about how in the past I would obtain my required social validation by using my Latin body and it doesn’t get me off anymore. I am losing some of my narcissistic tendencies. Now I just show my new skinny body off to God.