Cure For Talking Disease

Dr. “Shrek” Allen Starts A Three-way | My Healing Journey Begins

Thanksgiving Weekend 2012 Dr. Allen called me repeatedly from Ken Gomes residence in Van Nuys and cajoled me into coming over for a three-way sexual tryst.  The good doctor knows that I hate threesomes but he will do anything to gratify his enormous sexual appetites.  I finished up the work I was doing and drove over the hill to the Valley.  By the time I got there Dr. Allen had to leave as usual because he had an appointment back over in LA.  He said he would return and then Dr. Shrek Allen left me alone with my talking disease and Ken Gomes and his shaving humiliation disease.  Two broken gay men together, perfect ingredients for a perfect storm. 


When Dr. Allen returned a few hours later, unbeknownst to me, Ken Gomes was ignoring Dr. Allen’s calls, texts, and desperate pleas to be electronically buzzed into the residence.  Dr. Paul Allen, ob gyn, had to disappointingly drive back home in rush hour traffic to his apartment in LA while Ken Gomes sat in the Valley and talked shit about him.  If I had any idea that Dr. Allen was out there trying to get in I would have done everything in my power to let him in.  I had no idea Paul Allen had to drive all the way back home that night.  I was the reluctant third wheel, I am submissive and always let the other guy drive.  Ken Gomes was not a healthy person for me to be around.

talking disease

Ken Gomes Cured Me of Dark Homosexuality

Ken complained about the size of Dr. Allen’s deformed ankles and orthopedic shoes.  Mr. Gomes also insisted that there had to be a criminal incident in Dr. Allen’s past that resulted in Dr. Allen being so financially challenged and working as a lowly fire extinguisher inspector.  Mr. Gomes complaints say much more about Mr. Gomes than Dr. “Shrek” Allen.  It turns out the darkness was in the man speaking it.  Ken Gomes was one of the creepiest gay characters I have ever been involved with.

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Murder Suicide

Ken Gomes is probably the most seriously mentally ill person I have ever encountered.  I spent three days at Ken’s architectural home on Kittridge Street and it was the beginning of the end of my 15 year foray into the gay lifestyle.  In 2001 Ken’s mother murdered his father and then committed suicide.  Ken Gomes is trying to get someone to murder him and then commit suicide.  Mr. Gomes lives all by himself in a huge house with parrots and cockatoos.  His house is a huge and lonely gay nudist jungle of pay to play sex parties. 

Shaving Humiliation Ritual

Ken wanted me to engage him in a shaving humiliation ritual but I refused.  Ken was not able to articulate anything, I had to figure it all out by watching the shaving humiliation videos and magazines he put in front of me.  For the first time in my life I was truly sickened by my gay experience.  I felt myself going down a black hole fueled by Dr. Allen’s scatological requests for me to defecate in his mouth.  I was a frog in a gay Jacuzzi and the temperature was heating up.  I actually invited Ken to Thanksgiving at my dad’s house and thank God he refused.  So I just left and never came back.  I have never ever discussed any of this with another person, that is how God cured me of the gay talking disease.  I was healed by prayer and meditation.  

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Cured of the Talking Disease

Feeling the need to “process” my dark and disturbing experience with Dr. Allen I tried to contact him but he refused my calls.  This was even more disturbing than the three days I spent with Ken Gomes.  What I didn’t know was that Dr. Allen believed that I was in collusion in keeping him out of Ken’s house that first night and making him drive back to the Valley without gratifying his sexual appetites.  The fact was Ken was ignoring Dr. Allen’s attempts to join the party. 

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Detach With Love

The entire Thanksgiving Weekend I had no one to talk to about my intensely humiliating experience where a gay man tried to infect me with his mental illness.  By refusing to engage in shaving games with Ken Gomes I refused to become mentally ill.  By only having God to talk to about it, I was cured of the need to talk to Dr. Allen about it.  Now I don’t need anyone to engage my talking disease with.   And I no longer talk to a dog or myself.  I try to live beyond words and even thoughts in order to experience spirit.  I have cured myself of the talking disease by no longer talking to Dr. Allen about my incredible sexual spiritual journey that he inspires.  I have retired and retreated into the spiritual world where no talking is necessary. 

cured talking disease by love

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.