post herpetic neuralgia pain

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The evening of January 10th I was going to get out of bed and Google:  “new california statute for medically prescribed termination of life due to post herpetic neuralgia pain.”  Instead I started praying in a different way. I prayed in an interior chanting voice in my head only, like we chant sometimes in yoga class. However, instead of chanting Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, I chanted Thank You God, Thank You God, over and over in a rhythmic groove. Twenty-four hours later my shingles nerve pain had diminished radically. The newly ramped up pain wasn’t binding me in a barbed wire human vice grip making me want to disappear. 

post herpetic neuralgia pain

For the very first time that evening I made several repeated requests of God specifically to remove my shingles pain. I have been praying away for four years in a generally way and it started getting worse after the first of the year. I erroneously assumed God would know that I want to get rid if the red hot stabbing knives in my side. Now, amazingly, the pain is less than it has ever been, all because I got more specific with my words as well as my healing Kundalini visualizations.

Pain from post herpetic neuralgia is stronger and more intense than a heart attack. The only relief is aspirin or cutting the root ganglia of the nerve. I have gotten used to living with an amazing amount of torment. My right bicep is deformed due to nerve damage.


I have been reluctant to discuss my new Kundalini God Hybrid healing chant with anyone and this blog is the first time I have put this miracle healing into words. I didn’t even discuss my pain healing with the teacher after yoga class today because I decided it would be more productive to put that energy into this blog.  

SInce the first of the year I have been laying in bed praying and meditating instead of reading or watching infotainment. I am preparing my soul for eternity. If I die tonight I want to make sure that my undergarments are clean.
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