God is a Mirror

Goddess in the Mirror

God has no gender or physical attributes. God is infinite spirit and cannot be limited by any concept of male or female and so God is an IT. Since we all spring forth from the body of woman it is sometimes more delightful to visualize Goddess as a mirror of our divinity. Female is sometimes a better likeness to represent human divinity than male because we all come from female. Everyone relates to the girl.

Become God/Goddess Every Morning

Every morning when I wake up I am listening to bineural love vibrations aligning me with my divinity. Every morning when I wake up I am Goddess. Goddess is not a male or female spirit. God an IT. Female is a universal mirror image and Goddess is a more pleasing representation than male because we all come from female.

Yogi in the Mirror

All my life I have been looking at images of men and women practicing yoga and now my life is a mirror image of men and women practicing yoga. My new goal this morning is to do the splits. In preparation I have been doing the pigeon asana. The purpose of this blog is to set my intention to performing the splits.

Good Old Love

If you want to know what you are going to be like when you are older just go to lunch at your local senior citizen center. That’s what happened to me. Eating lunch at the Mizell Center in Palm Springs was a mirror into my soul. It made me become a happier more carefree person. Lunch with the seniors allowed me to see the grumpy old man in the mirror.

mirror woman
Old Woman Goddess I Bow To Thee

The good thing about getting older is that eighty year-old women all love me. It makes perfect sense since I am the only one left standing. Yes now that I am a senior citizen I have my choice of senior women. Any girl over sixty is fair game in this jungle of love.

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