Revenge of the Goldhammer Family

Harry Goldhammer’s Revenge

When Jeff Cowan was evicted by the Camino del Sol Home Owner’s Association for illegal conduct that was Claire and Harry Goldhammer’s revenge.  It was Harry Goldhammer’s revenge for Jeff changing his name from Goldhammer to Cowan.  Jeff inherited a small portion of Unit #20 at 200 E. Racquet Club in Palm Springs, California.  Jeff Cowan bought out his Goldhammer relatives to take title of the Villa at Unit #20 in November of 2015 and Jeff was evicted three short years later. 

Jeff put in hardwood floors, replaced all the sliding glass doors and spent a lot of money fixing up #20.  He evenn bought new mattresses and furniture.  Jeff lied to Brian Woodhouse and Pat Cook by misrepresenting that there were restraining orders against me.  Jeff was rude to 90 year-old Liz and other long time residents at Camino del Sol.  Jeff committed illegal and immoral acts and so he was evicted from the beautiful Villa he fixed-up really nice.  

Jarrad Cowan Goldhammer’s Revenge

Jeffrey ceased taking his psychiatric medications and went on a crime spree with Danny Welchhance and Steve De La Cruz.  They stole cars and computers.  As a result, Jeff was evicted and had to sell Unit #20 three years later.  Now Jeff is renting in Cathedral City, California and Harry and Claire Goldhammer are getting the last laugh.  Jarrad Cowan is also getting a chuckle out of Jeff’s eviction.

jarrad goldhammer's revenge

How Mental Illness is Created by Jeff Cowan

Jeffrey Robert Goldhammer changed his name to Jeffrey Robert Cowan to piss off his family and disrupt the order of the Universe.  Jeff inseminated a girl named Wendi Cowan and she produced a live birth.  Jeffrey constructed the name Jarrad and bestowed it upon the poor, innocent little infant.  Jeffrey refused to marry Wendi.  Instead of marrying the mother of his child he changed his last name to that of the mother of his child.  This is the perverted manner in which Jeffrey thinks and this is the deranged thinking he attempts to perpetrate upon the world.  Jeff Cowan thrives on creating mental illness.  This diseased thinking should be prohibited.

Revenge of the Innocents

Jeffrey Cowan must be held accountable for his various and sundry crimes against humanity.  This blog intends to hold Cowan accountable for disrespecting his family and creating disfunctional children. If this blog does not speak out against Jeff Cowan he will be free to infect his rude theater-hopping mentality upon the community.  It feels good to stand up for Jarrad and Lori Goldhammer with this blog about Claire and Harry Goldhammer’s Revenge.

goldhammer's revenge
Lori Goldhammer’s Revenge

Ritualizing the dead by Neanderthals is generally considered the birth of Western civilization.  The belief in a spiritual existence after physical death is what separates us from the wild animals.  Jeffrey Cowan does not respect the dead in the same way a decent member of the community respects the dearly departed.  At the end of the day Jeff will be alone with his psych meds learning his lessons from this blog on Claire and Harry Goldhammer’s Revenge.


By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.