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Pure consciousness, like a candle flame basking in it’s own mirrored reflection. This page on spiritual consciousness has been evolving since Spring of 2017 and someday soon it will be completely reconstructed. Until now, this is the story of my evolution from believer in God Consciousness to experiencer of Christ Consciousness. This is my personal experience with The Infinite Way of Joel S. Goldsmith.

joel s goldsmith

List of Goldsmith YouTube Views Beginning Memorial Day | May 28, 2018

January 28, 2019 UPDATE |  I no longer maintain this Goldsmith list because now I listen to JSG through the iPhone playing through my new Pyle Driver Bluetooth system. Beautiful souls are uploading crisp digitally remastered JSG tapes daily to YouTube. This blog shall serve as an introduction to meditating your way into God Consciousness.  

On Memorial Day I started keeping this log of my most recent Joel S. Goldsmith listens.  JSG was a mystical mediation teacher who started out in Christian Science and he called his teaching and his first book, The Infinite Way.  This universal material is all over fifty years old and Goldsmith wouldn’t care about it being given away online.  Or if you like, you can click my Amazon Affiliate link below.

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These days The Infinite Way is what I will be primarily devoting my consciousness to.  Yogi Bhajan taught that the purpose of life is to merge with the infinite.  Goldsmith says that my only job is contact with the infinite and to that end he even inspired me to become a Freemason.  Br. Goldsmith would appreciate the use of digital technology to disseminate The Infinite Way in perpetuity as demonstrated here. 


1964 New York Times Obituary | Joel S. Goldsmith of Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, a writer and lec­turer on mysticism, died yester­day in London, where he had gone recently on a lecture tour. His age was 72.  Mr. Goldsmith, who was born in New York, started his career as a partner in an import busi­ness owned by his father. In 1929, according to a statement he once made in reply to a li­brarian’s request for biograph­ical material, he was “re‐born into a new state of consciousness.”

Agape Freedom Path

In 2008 at Freedom Path on Monday Nights at Agape, I noticed Paul Racci’s copy of Invisible Supply and was inspired to finally check out JSG. My life began to be immediately transformed spiritually. I had just completed an introductory course on the founders of New Thought by Rev. Michael Beckwith and was familiar with the JSG name but not the Infinite Way message. Evan Moulton jump started me on JSG at the “I AM” Men’s Ministry on Saturday mornings. I eventually found my way to Br. John Drewery’s Infinite Way Tape Study Group on Monday nights at the New Age Bible and Philosophy Center on Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica. 

Goldsmith taught that any organized church is a distraction that can impede direct individual contact with God.  JSG is the best teacher I have ever found who can take me directly to universal consciousness.  When I found Goldsmith I stopped searching. I still do things like jump into expensive yoga classes and listen to crack-pot gurus for fun but now that I am broke I am just going to go deeper and longer into prolonged perfected Christ consciousness with the Infinite Way on YouTube. 

The Infinite Way on YouTube

When the first Infinite Way tapes were posted on YouTube a few years ago, the JSG heirs sent cease and desist letters and had them all removed.  Goldsmith never had children, his heirs are all by marriage and their exclusive claims to the rights to these old tapes are not valid pursuant to Goldsmith’s own teachings.  Goldsmith would say that this information wants to be free and now a few brave souls are doing good audio production and engineering work by posting these digitally restored versions of Joel’s archaic reel to reel tapes.  

May 27, 2018

May 28, 2018

May 29, 2018

May 29, 2018

May 31, 2018

Practicing the Presence by Joel S. Goldsmith 1958 Maui Open Class The Practice That Makes you Free

June 1, 2018

June 2, 2018

June 2, 2018

The Practicality of Mysticism by Joel S. Goldsmith 1960 Grand Rapids Open Class Aladdin’s Lamp (Supply: The Alchemist)

The Practicality of Mysticism by Joel S. Goldsmith 1960 First London Closed Class “I” – No Power – No Darkness Tape 340A
0605B 1951 Second Portland Series [MP3] Side 2: Self Government of Organs, Functions, Food
July 21, 21, 2018 UPDATE | This tape is worth a second listen because JSG gives detailed instructions, definitions and does more reading than any tape in my memory.
Different levels of healing.  Everyone has Christ consciousness, it is dormant in the human race, awakened by some urge.  Since we have always lived as individual consciousness we have evolved.  Some may have been slaves of Pharaoh, or Pharaoh.  We have been evolving through the centuries.  At any given century we have been at a certain level of consciousness.  Some people come into consciousness more spiritually evolved than other have attained.
Some people come into being artistically or athletically gifted and some come into being spiritually developed.  The spiritually illumined find it is necessary to come to a place in consciousness nothing is permitted to stand in the way of spiritual development.  The entire human experience is one of limitations imposed upon our unlimited experience of the Godhead.  All of us have accepted limitations imposed upon us by beliefs. Nationalistic, religious, physical limitations are upon us.  All human experience is limitation in one for or another.  The entry into the spiritual path is the braking of those limitations.  The imposition of truth results in the breaking of these financial limitations by the activity of truth. 
Our beliefs have been swayed as if by advertising.  At one time all men wore Boston Garters because of advertising.  Subliminal advertising is pumped into your mind without you even knowing it.  In the same way our material beliefs have come down to us.  Subliminally these things were introduced into our consciousness.
Materialistic Consciousness vs. Spiritual Consciousness
Materialistic Consciousness was imposed upon us by the age.  New Thought is erroneous because it believes that the error begins in you.  All error has its basis in the universal belief in the acceptance of two powers.  You have no responsibility for the error in  you.  The fault is not yours.  There is no such thing as you being unloving or sensual or unjust.  Every healing which attempts to uncover the error in the patient will fail.  Healings take place because of the spiritual consciousness of the practitioner.  The spiritual integrity is doing the healing, not the mass of metaphysical misinformation.  There are teachers that are greater than their teachings because healings are brought about by the spiritual consciousness of the practitioner.
To heal you must understands where to look.  Do not look into your patient.  Your patient is just what you are.  Pure spiritual complete.  The appearance does not reflect that.  Do not use your judgment.  We are all children of God regardless of the masks we wear. At sometimes we wear very ugly ones.  Regardless of the mask behind the mask is our Divine Son-ship.  When you recognize that it is easy to see that this evil is impersonal.  It is an IMPOSED condition.  Imposed by this universal belief in a self-hood apart from God.  You have nearly healed your patient with your first realization of this impersonal nature.  If you return to look for the error in your patient you are perpetuating it, it is like the blind leading the blind.  All evil has its rise in an impersonal source, mortal mind, carnal mind, an appearance, a state of hypnotism.  It is impersonal an impotent illusion.  Spiritual healing work comes down to making impersonal nothingness out of the error.  The claim has found no reality in your consciousness. 
Morning Protective Work
I consciously reject the belief that there is anything other than God.  Will you serve the universal belief in two powers or will you be God governed by an act of your own consciousness?  You must come out and be separate and come out from the belief of two powers and establish yourself in the Grace of God.  There is no power that comes over me because I and the father are one.  
September 9, 2018
October 7, 2018 | 1952
October 21, 2018:
JSG says that angels can be called higher consciousness, God, Christ consciousness.