The Tree Symbolizes the Illicit BELIEF in Duality

The Erroneous Belief in Good and Evil Can Only Exist in Your Individual Consciousness

Good and evil only exists in the Adamic human world. The spiritual world is beyond good and bad. God consciousness is realization of: “I and the Father are one.” You could choose to stop believing in your goodness and evil would cease to exist.

And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.

In order for “good” to exist in your mind there must also exist a corresponding “bad.” The tree in the Garden of Eden symbolizes belief. The apple symbolizes the acceptance of a belief in good. Adam’s shame at his nudity symbolizes the belief in evil. Nudity was used because it also serves the perfect metaphor of banishment into profane human consciousness. Adam and Eve were banished from the God consciousness they experienced in the Garden. God instructed man not to believe in good and evil. But man went ahead and made a conscious decision to believe in duality.

good and evil

If you eat the apple and believe in good then there must be a corresponding evil to go along with it, and there is! We choose to hypnotize ourselves with good and bad, right and wrong, black and white. I do it myself all the time. The mind loves to classify and categorize. However the slightest little utterance from the mouth of man is already a harsh judgment upon God’s perfection.

TRANSCEND GOOD AND EVIL | A Child of God Loves His Enemy

Man pays the price for his illicit belief in evil with his earthly toil and suffering. When the child of God loves his enemy he returns to the Garden of Eden of Divine Consciousness. It is possible to transcend your self-ordained “goodness” by meditating for at least seven years. Go beyond the petty little human concept of the “bad” person.

STATE OF GRACE | Practicing Christ Consciousness “she” perceives herself as neither male nor female


The experience of non-duality is to experience the non-belief in good & evil. It took me forty years of mediation to actually experience this. Maybe after reading about non-duality so much I just made it happen. Years of reading Alan Watts and now listening to Alan Watts on YouTube. Years of listening to Joel S. Goldsmith. Last week on a fifty year old tape JSG explained the Biblical Tree of Good and Evil and it merged me with the infinite.

Original Denial

Immediately after eating the apple Adam was so blinded by duality and denial that Adam immediately began blaming. Adam is now so confused by “good” that first he tries to blame God. Adam whines to God: “It was that woman that you gave me.” In his first few seconds with his brand new human ego Adam blames God and woman. The human Son of Adam is now cursed to eternally bear the burden of blaming and suffering. The denial begins. The Son of Adam blames his woman as she bleeds for him and his offspring. The Son of Man complains because there is blood on the tracks of his desperate lonely life.

Only by raising himself up in consciousness can the Son of Adam escape his original ego and return to the Garden of Non-Dual God Consciousness.

Original Non-Duality is Not Eve’s Fault

My whole life the story of Adam and Eve has resonated with me as just simple disobedience to God’s Law in general. I used to focus my attention on Eve the temptress. Now I am awash in a greater understanding of consciousness. The Biblical story of Adam and Eve is about non-duality, not merely about Eve assisting Adam in the first crime.

Her third eye intuitively points to the hidden skull but she will probably take the flower anyway. We all do it. Life is just too sad and beautiful not to. The answer is to return to the purity of non-dual Christ consciousness.