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Money Maker

The Yogic Art of Making Money

No more formal paid Yogi Bhajan SIkh Dharma Householder Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training for me. Now I am doing it all on my own as a work of art. Yesterday in Journey Into Deep Meditation someone asked me about the KYTT books I was studying.  He said that the only way to obtain those books was by taking the KYTT.  I feel empowered and confident having these resources to study pray and meditate with. My body is blissfully worked out from practice with Adarsh today.  My life is a work of art as usual. I am like the man who played himself by Lou Welsh.

Divine art

DIvine Energy

Energy, energy, all is energy. True identity, divine energy. Tantric love Goddess eating all men who invade her yoga mat territory. Aggressive species on a competitive planet. She’s killer driller when she’s dressed to the hilt.

Art Degree

What social mobility application will I pursue next? Should I Google cruise ship instructor jobs? What’s next up on my yoga list? Keep doing the same thing I have always done. Sadhana. This blog has become my Consciousness. I have an unlimited monthly membership to Yoga West and so I must use I it. I will make money off of Adarsh and Guru Singh by attending five classes per week.

Dodgertown Heat Wave

Dodger blue art blasting off in Houston tonight. I am not into sports but the 2017 World Series against the Astros is the biggest thing to happen to this town in twenty-nine years. I am enlarging my brain by thinking about listening to tonight’s World Series game on audio only. Maybe I will try listening to the first inning on the internet radio. If I get hungry for people I can always gather around the camp fire with my aggressively competitive primate companions.

Primate Art

Women are the Goddess portal of the human meat puppet dance beat. BItch Goddess Kali head munch.