What is the Best Criteria for Choosing a Good Divorce Attorney? Low Priced Flat Fee Package!

Good Divorce Attorney
A good divorce attorney offers low flat fee package deals


A Good Divorce Attorney is a Flat Fee Lawyer


What is fast and easy way to find a good divorce attorney? Pick the lawyer with a good flat fee complete package price. Don’t pick the cheapest divorce lawyer and don’t pick the most expensive flat fee package. Find a good divorce lawyer somewhere in the middle.

I have seen good divorce attorney complete service packages for $1,500. My only problem with this lawyer pricing model is that the advertisements do not state if this incredible price is with or without Los Angeles Superior Court filing fees? My educated guess is that $1,500 does not include your LASC filing fees. In fact $1,500 is so low I don’t really understand how a good divorce lawyer can make any money by charging such a low price. Call an attorney advertising a low package price and ask if that includes the LASC $430 filing fee for petitioner.

I am redesigning my divorce paralegal services and this website to provide ratings and reviews of good divorce attorneys who offer flat fee services. Only a divorce paralegal knows the right questions to ask when interviewing attorneys for pricing and services. For example, does the flat fee divorce include any work that the paralegals do? Does the flat fee include postage and photocopying? Or will there be added charges for any services not performed by the divorce lawyer?

Nothing in this article or on this website should be misconstrued as legal advice on pricing and practice of legal procedures.  This article is to give you ideas on how you can cost effectively budge your legal services dollar. Good divorce attorneys with over ten years of courtroom and trial experience are very expensive. Maybe you do not need buy a Mercedes-Benz when all you need is a Toyota. If your divorce is uncontested a good divorce attorney with a low flat fee makes more sense than retaining a superstar lawyer with attorney’s fees that would be overkill. Attorney’s fees can come back to haunt you. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.