CONNECTING THE DOTS: Patterns of Influence

Scientific Role Model

Your father is always your primary role model and usually determines your character. My father was an industrial arts teacher in a white shop coat. He taught math, drafting and things like vacuum molding of plastics and resins. He gave my friends and I drafting lessons and made an office in our garage to study for his masters degree in secondary education. When he finished the program and stopped studying I took over his little office as my mad scientist chemistry lab. My life has been a lesson in creating science projects and industrial media.  

My father influenced me to go to the local State University get a degree in mass media and film production. My father was a very good role model for me and my friends.

role model

You are who you hang out with. Look at your friends as if you are looking in a mirror because you are.  Your role models are the people you are hanging out with.  You can wake up each day and create a new life for yourself based upon the role models you choose.

role model

Teenage Role Models

Who do you want to be like when you grow up? Is your role model a well-educated person? The most serious regrets I that members of my family have is that they did not follow the role model of my father and go to college. My brother and uncles all regretted not obtaining an education.  Education is a lifestyle with successful people.  

Blogger As Role Model

The purpose of this blog is to open you up to the idea of creating an online presence for yourself. Have you ever considered becoming someone online? My goal is to create a community resource for young people searching for the answers to life.  The answers to life are found in the sunlight of the spirit. These days I begin creating my reality every morning at five o’clock a.m. by walking through the sprinkler mist in the park. 

role model