The Great Architect of the Universe Healed My Pain and Directed Me to the Next Stated Meeting.

Upon Divine guidance, I requested that my anesthesiologist decrease my gabapentin. God made my nerve pain decrease with my Neurontin. Soon there will be no neuralgia and no drugs. I contemplated acupuncture & freemasonry and seven years of hot stabbing pain was healed! This is my meditation of gratitude to the Great Architect of the Universe. How does a lost Brother Mason return to Lodge after he has been miraculously healed of multiple afflictions? With ease I would assume.


Then why do I feel like such an old grey outcast with no eyebrows? Is it COVID-19, anxiety? I have been seriously isolating and taking good care of myself. Could it be because I ceased attending Lodge soon after I was raised to Master?

For reasons to secret to mention, my tragic non-existent career as a paralegal probably hangs like an albatross around my neck. I can understand how I may have damaged my relationship with the Fraternity by stretching the professional bounds of being good Mason. I strained my relationship for financial necessity. I am embarrassed at some of the things that I was doing for money. Some of it was a joke. You are the only ones who know. Now my relationship needs to be healed so that I will stop blogging about things that I should not be blogging about. The only way that I can continue to live is to do the right thing and face this wound and heal it with no medication just like God is healing my shingles pain with no medication.

It has been divinely revealed to me that the only thing for me to do in life right now is to repair my relationship with my Lodge. All other venues pale compared to the order of the Craft. I feel like the Prodigal Son returning to freemasonry in my heart in this moment as my mini-pain begins to say good-bye.

My whole life I wanted to be a Freemason. An illustration of young Geo. Washington being initiated has been blazing in my mind’s eye for over fifty years. When the Masons told me that they take good men and make them better, I said, “I’ll sign up for that!” The promise was fulfilled and I improved myself in Masonry.

After being raised to the sublime degree of Master, something went horribly wrong. I strayed from the Craft and trudged the road of my lackluster vocation while seeking sensual pursuits.

My Masonic sustenance for the next ten years was Bro. Mason Joel S. Goldsmith teaching The Infinite Way. In my head, my esoteric Freemasonry and the Great Architect are infinite. In social settings, I am sometimes awkward. Backward. I’m from the Rock and the Great Architect needed a long time to smooth me down from rough ashler to perfect ashler.

Where do you go to show off a miracle? To Lodge of course. Wearing a mask and fully vaccinated I will humbly begin a consistent presence. I need the order. Rebirthing and raising myself with sacred geometry. Stated Meeting in October will be the safest event to attend in celebration of my miraculous healing. I will visualize the Delta variant dissipating from the endemic. The virus is here to stay. Endemic like the flu virus. The virus is here to stay. I am the one who must change.

THE MORE I THINK ABOUT FREEMASONRY, THE LESS PAIN I HAVE: My pain has healed so much I may skip making that acupuncture appointment

My pain is healing by the second. The more I think and writing about Freemasonry the less pain I have. I just spent thirty minutes on the phone with my insurance company about acupuncture providers and authorization. There is a lot of work involved on my end. At the end of the phone call I had less pain than when I began the call. Just thinking about acupuncture makes my pain go down.

There is no need to go to an acupuncturist when I can just think about acupuncture and make my pain go down. My pain is going down so fast that I don’t even need a Zoom session with an acupuncturist.

Next I will research and blog about acupuncture. That is how I process my world. I process my world by blogging about it. That is why sometimes I delete pages that I have published.

My apologies for my recent provocative law enforcement blogs that I have since deleted.

To the Brethren in Law Enforcement. Sometimes my stream of consciousness is inappropriately published here. Writing these blogs is how I make sense of my world. I am a lonely doddering old man who is finally losing it due to the pandemic. I am going crazy with joyous physical healing and I need to break out of pandemic life.

That is why I now seek the ritual solace of the Lodge. Now I understand Freemasonry. I need to smooth my mind out at Lodge.

The rough ashler is made perfect. The miracle of healing occurs. My postherpetic neuralgia pain goes down. The burning searing pain went from a constant 8 down to a 2 and going down. Seven years of burning pain are finally receding. I was asking the universe what was causing my healing so that I could get more of it. I had a vision that my healing is related to being raised to the sublime degree of Master in a duly tiled Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons. Now I understand that my mental and physical healing is all mainly due to the Fraternity. My pain is still receding in this moment. The Great Architect of the Universe has revealed the source of my miraculous mental and physical healing and ordered me to return to Lodge. It is time for me to acknowledge that Freemasonry is one of the greatest things to happen in my life.

The 307

I need to reconnect to SMP-307. It is imperative that I realign my heart with Freemasonry. There is no place else to go to perform the service to Man that I need to perform. I must continue to manifest my divine healing into the Fraternity by being of service. The pandemic has brought a halt to the ritual degrees of Masonry. The pandemic prevents the physical contact required in being led around blindfolded and raised to Master. Now that I have prayed my pain away I will pray for the virus to recede and diminish.

My human inclination is to just sit back and watch the unvaccinated die by the billions. My higher self says to wear a mask and begin to engage life again. My higher consciousness says to expand my healing to Freemasonry and the world.

The Great Architect has indicated that the stated meeting is where I belong.

Maybe God wants me to return to Lodge because that is a safe demographic during this devastating Delta surge. Previously I have written about how the Delta variant has kept me away from Refuge Recovery down the street from me in Venice. I can feel the Great One guiding me to Masonic Lodge in Santa Monica instead of a recovery meeting in Venice. The purpose of writing this blog was to convince myself to go to Lodge instead of taking the easy way out and sitting in a blissful Buddhist meditation. Why not just do both? It’s about limiting exposure to the virus.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.