Shrek, the Homeless Couple, and Me

Homeless at the Beach

In 2015 my ex-domestic partner Dr. Paul “Shrek” Allen, OBGYN, told me stories of how he was grooming a homeless couple he found in front of the CVS Pharmacy at the corner of Sepulveda Boulevard and Manchester in Westchester, California.  A Yankee from Providence, Rhode Island slumming in the beach cities of SoCal where he met me.  The doctor is experienced in grooming emotionally needy people for sexual exploitation.  He did the same thing to me in 2010 and it transformed me into a higher state of sexual consciousness when I was living in my RV in Playa del Rey, CA.  Today this type of behavior is called sex trafficking. 

dr paul allen obgyn

How Long Has This Been Going On?

When we last spoke the good doctor informed me that now his new homeless sex partners want to move in full time.  At first I was bothered by my new competition.  But then I began to wonder and worry.  Just because I could not or would not gratify Dr. Allen’s scatalogical needs, what if the homeless couple were?  What if the homeless couple were both shitting in Dr. Allen’s mouth?  Dr. Allen and I were still together occasionally.  What of Dr. Allen was kissing me after his homeless couple had been shitting in his mouth?

homeless couple westchester, ca

Oh Shit

Then I backed up a few years to when we were domestic partners.  What if other men were shitting in Dr. Allen’s mouth while we were living together on Kenwood Street?  My stomach began to turn and my life began to evolve again.  In 2017 while meditating in solitude upon this in the desert my life began to change.  Now I live a chaste life.  The thought of my promiscuous gay behaviour of the past revolted me.  I began to gag when I thought of Dr. Allen’s grotesqueness.  I gag at the thought of kissing a man who enjoys having men and women shit into his mouth.  I used this contempt as a fulcrum to leverage myself up into higher sexual consciousness. 

contempt gay promiscuity

Tantric Angrogyne

Dr. Paul Allen’s name on when I met him was Tantric Androgyne.  I never realized that until we were together for a few years.  In my mind I made Paul into Big Daddy and that is exactly what I used to call him in our little love house.  I made Paul into a masculine sex mentor.  In my mind I made him into a total top but in fact he never was due to his physical limitations. 

tantric androgyne

San Jose 2010

Our first big weekend together was to an Ayahuasca ceremony in Northern California and we traveled there via the new San Jose Airport.  When I saw our reflection as we were walking together the incongruity struck me with the fresh rush of a new city.  I asked myself why I was travelling around the country with a freak who looks like Shrek?  The answer is that he used his finger to stimulate my prostate gland into a new level of sexual consciousness.  

MEN’S EMOTIONAL HEALTH: The Higher Consciousness of Sacred Sexuality

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.