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Mind Control

White Hat Guru Worship

Did you know that all Kundalini Yoga classes begin with a dharma talk by the yoga instructor?  I only recently found this out. Go to class with Guru Singh on Thursday night at Yoga West if you want to see authentic guru worship in LA. His teacher/devotees talk about “sitting with Guru Singh every Thursday Night” as if that is their lineage to their own guru status.

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Gym Yoga

I was privileged to learn yoga at high end gyms where the yoga teachers taught us how to practice real yoga breathing and how to place our hands in a flat star on our yoga mats.  Kundalini yoga teachers as taught by Yogi Bhajan do not correct technical details like keeping all four corners of the feet flat on the mat. The Cultists of Yogi Bhajan are rather elitist as they sit up on their dais.

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Petri Dish

Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan is not a good value compared to your other yoga options here in Los Angeles. My $160/per month all club membership at the Bay Club has more yoga and is a better deal than my $130/per month unlimited Yoga West membership. Bay Club’s nearest competitor, Equinox, also offers excellent yoga for a slightly higher price than the Bay Club. More importantly, both the Bay Club and EQ have hot water and Yoga West does not. Yoga West has poor ventilation and is a filthy petri dish of dead skin cells in serious need of a detailed cleaning. 

guru worship

Guru Dish

The style of guru worship practiced at Yoga West is insidious. A wolf in sheep’s white religious garments awaiting to entrap with a cumulative effect. Do you go to yoga class to hear political opinions from someone wearing white religious garments? I don’t go to yoga class to listen to old hippies advocating civil disobedience by middle school students.

You Have Seen Me

I go to yoga class to learn how to sit in the full lotus asana. Can any of the Yoga West teachers sit in full lotus? No they cannot. I go to yoga class to learn technical things. I was telling Sat Siri that on Wednesday. I have been practicing hatha yoga since I read Richard Hittleman’s Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan in high school. I will be practicing mudra’s on my death bed just like Saraswati did.

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