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Tennessee Trafficking Terror

Tennessee child sex trafficking

Fake Youth League Baseball Uniform Salesmen |

Tennessee Child Sex Trafficking 

How do gay nudists John Herriot and Jeff Calvert, Esq. get away with operating their Tennessee child sex trafficking operation year after year?  Because nobody wants to admit the disturbing secret and that they have been lied to by Herriot.  Nobody wants to admit the sordid little truth.  What are other bisexual nudist men going to do, tell  all of their straight friends that they have been hanging around with a registered homosexual child sex offender?  Most gay men don’t want straight people to know that gays like Herriot really are pedophiles. Deceptive predators like Herriot have refined and sophisticated their operations to use gay nudist gatherings and youth league baseball uniform sales as a cover for international child sex trafficking operations. I had to wake up and face the fact that I have been used and abused by Herriot, Calvert and their crime partners Rick Boehle and Jeffrey Cowan, CPA.

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Cut Your Losses

San Diego drag queens like Drew Searing have been going to CMEN Gatherings for years and have hours and years of photographs and memories representing a vested interest in John Herriot. When I was going to CMEN Gatherings I was always paranoid that I was under FBI surveillance. Now I know why, it was my intuition. I always knew something was not exactly right with John Herriot. When I found out that he was running a child sex trafficking operation and told the rest of CMEN, they didn’t care, they just want the party to go on.

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Stop Tennessee Child Sex Trafficking

This is a call to the good people of The Volunteer State to rise up and investigate Tennessee child sex trafficking because I am physically unwilling to travel to the Southern United States due to personal preferences and financial conditions.  I will stay here in the high tech wonderland of El Segundo and you will assist me as Tennessee citizen investigators. Look under every rock and crevice for the gay deception of Southern Decadence

Call to Action | Boots on the Ground

Citizen Investigators are needed to monitor abductions and provide rescue for child abductions in Hampshire, Tennessee over Memorial Day Week 2018. Pedophiles are on premises right now available for investigation.

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Early Bird Before 5/25/18*Advanced Before 5/15/18*Camping or RV Discount**
Full GatheringJune 2-9$569$459$359$200
Half WeekJune 5-9$349$299$259$150
Weekend onlyJune 1-3$195$169$149$100
Pre GatheringMay 31 – June 2add $75add $65add $55$20
Post GatheringJune 9-11add $99add $89add $79$30
Memorial Day Weekend +May 24- 31add $499add $449add $349$150

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in Tujunga, CA, Dean mastered secrets of the ancient grifters in order to elevate himself.