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Hatha Yoga in LA 2013

Hatha Yoga


For the past few weeks I have been slowly and gently working back into my hatha yoga practice.  My cardiac surgical near death experience in Philadelphia was only seven short months ago. I only started walking and swimming and practicing yoga a few weeks ago when I moved to Palm Springs. I the past ten days I have had a masculine energy transformation whereby I am becoming more dominant and assertive.


I learned Hatha Yoga at Spectrum and Equinox in the LA area


I have a great kundalini  and kriya yoga practice from taking lots of kundalini and vinyasa yoga classes in Culver City, Hawthorne and the Los Angeles area. At one time I was taking three to five yoga classes per week. I have a real educational and time investment in healing my body, mind and soul with yoga. A few weeks ago I was doing yoga back relaxation in a Jacuzzi in Palm Springs. 


Morning Hatha Yoga


This morning I began my consciousness with meditation, coffee, computer and a two mile walk along Sullivan Road in Twentynine Palms. Then I came back home and did nude yoga on the concrete slab in my backyard. After a few minutes I got up and hosed off the ants. I had a yoga moment when I realized that I needed to have my landlady reduce my rent because of all the work I do around the house. I will need to clear off the back patio for my outdoor nude yoga studio. 


Yoga is More Than Asanas


The physical poses and one breath one movement mind, body, soul union of hatha yoga is just one aspect of yoga. Yoga also means meditation and other things. The purpose of this article is to re-birth my hatha yoga. I used to have an incredible hatha yoga practice in the South Bay. Yoga practice takes a lot of work. 


Real Yoga Means Pranayama Breathing


My hatha yoga practice includes real pranayama breathing. Pranayama is a distinct type of audible breathing fully in and out through the nose. Hatha yoga is meditation.