Keep Cowan Locked Up

Have you ever been stalked by Jeff Cowan?

I am re-dedicating my entire life to the task of keeping Jeffrey Cowan Goldhammer either in jail or in a locked psychiatric ward. He must be prevented from spreading his mental illness upon the world. In supporting that important goal I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have contacted me regarding the important question. “Have you or your loved ones ever been stalked by Jeff Cowan by email, U.S. Postal Service, Facebook or any other means?” If you have, then please contact me. Even Jeff’s sister Karen Grant has publicly stated on Facebook that Jeffrey is psychotic and needs help.

jeff cowan is severely mentally ill
Jeff’s sister Karen Grant posts on Facebook requesting him to get help for his mental illness

Here is an email I received from K. R. on July 11, 2021:

“I just saw on his facebook that you and someone else posted he is in jail—where he belongs! He sent my mom 2 odd and creepy, harassing letters/cards in the mail regarding my uncle Bill who passed away late last year–trying to start trouble between our family and my extended family on my dad’s side. I still have them–my mom hasn’t received anything recently and this would probably explain why! I talked to his brother Alan about the situation a couple months ago after I saw my uncle’s picture on Jeffrey’s cover picture on facebook and I had to get more info to figure out the puzzle–the guy is a weirdo.”

Has Jeff Cowan’s mental illness affected you or your family?

It is my intention to make this website a clearing house for all information regarding any problems you may have had with the mentally ill psychopath known as Jeffrey Robert Cowan Goldhammer. He must be stopped from harassing his friends, family and the world at large. Jeff needs to stay in jail where he can vex, annoy and steal personal possessions from other disturbed criminal inmates who are just like him. If Jeff acts like a criminal, talks like a criminal, looks like a deranged animal and is in jail, then he must be a criminal. Right?

Mentally ill “Alan” cap
Jeff Cowan stalks his family most of all

What a pity that the person Jeff harasses most is his long suffering brother Alan Goldhammer. Jeff is so psychotic that he uses Alan’s photograph as his own Facebook profile photo. This is fraudulent misrepresentation or maybe even identity theft:

jeff cowan fraudulent use of his brother alan golldhammer's photo
IDENTITY THEFT: Jeff’s profile fraudulently uses is older brother Alan’s photo

As a result of this and other egregious misconduct Alan has un-friended Jeff on Facebook. No one from the Cowan or Goldhammer family is friends with Jeff on Facebook. Jeff’s own son Jarrad Cowan is not even friends with his father on Facebook. Not even Jeff’s crime partner Danny Wellchance is friends with Jeff on Facebook!

After stealing my car and computer, Jeff actually had the nerve to send me a friend request on Facebook. I have been ignoring it for years. When I found out that Jeff was in jail I only accepted his friend request so that I could post these blogs on his account. Please notify me as soon as Jeff is released from jail so that I can immediately unfriend him.

Have you ever been stalked by Jeff Cowan by any means? If so, please contact me.
have you been stalked by jeff cowan

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.