Heart Healing

heart chakra yogaHeart Chakra

In 2010 my heart chakra opened up and I experienced authentic love emotionally gushing out of me for the very first time in my life. Prior to that I could only feel a fake love based primarily upon sexual dependence. When this miraculous event occurred I simply thought that I was “in love” with another person. I was wrong. It is never about the other person. There is no “other”, only a reflection of what I bring to the table. What I was feeling came from within me, is still within me and is growing stronger right here right now alone and blissful in a cheap motel room getting ready for Kundalini yoga class. 

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love doctorLove Doctor

This miraculous opening of my heart chakra was facilitated by Dr. Paul McDuff Allen, OB/GYN of Westchester, California. Dr. Allen was in the process of obtaining his advanced certification as a sexological body worker and I was his doctoral thesis project. We were living together in a California King bed that took up most of our converted garage/guest house located three blocks from the north runway of LAX. It was a pivotal time in my sexual education and milestone of spiritual progress, this opening up of my heart. When I first met Dr. Allen I made a decision not to get involved with him based upon his physical appearance. He pursued me vigorously, I relented, and I’m glad I did. He transformed me. It was like living with an agressive sex therapist for a year and a half. I was only half the lover then, that I am now.

Senses of the Soul

Dr. Allen taught me plenty of physical techniques such as eye gazing and Tantric (synchronized) breathing. However, the important thing is to be here now and feel with the soft open heart and emotions. I have been meditating with my emotions and even my body. I am layering my whole live into my meditation. My whole life is wrapped up in my heart chakra opening up and meeting new Kundalini yoga teachers and students. Meet me at 10:30 a.m. at Yoga West on Robertson Blvd. 

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