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Body of Christ Consciousness:

Religion with a capital “R”.  Everybody says they are “spiritual” nowadays.  I used to self-identify as “spiritual and not religious” myself. That was then this is now. Now I am religious and practicing Universal Cosmic Christ Consciousness Kundalini Yoga in the desert. Mainstream religion realizes that if they don’t include the outcasts they will just go off and create their own church. Now that everybody wants me I am sticking with the name brands. The Catholic Church. Freemasonry. Toastmasters. This is my goodbye blog to Religious Science because that name doesn’t even exist anymore. The other day at lunch I sat with a woman who fled her birthplace of Tallinn, Estonia when the Nazi’s arrived. We talked about the importance of making religion important again. Religion is now my life. 

healing christ consciousnessAfter sixty years of spiritual experience my current identity is the Body of Christ Consciousness zeroing out to baseline consciousness during meditation. The Body of Christ Consciousness is kundalini full body emotional mediation as a constant way of being. My pride and ego slide off into the trinket box of my childhood. The only major religion I have never practiced is Islam. I know a little about Rumi and the Sufi’s and I did take Bob Orenstein to see the Sufi dancers at UCLA Royce Hall the last time they were here.  One Sunday Bob met me at Agape for his first visit and I showed him the ropes.  After the midget did his thing Bob said: “It’s a good deal for Michael Beckwith.”  Ha! I love it. That’s why I like to hang around smart-ass New York Jews, they talk like I do. All of that is incorporated into my new meditation identity as the Body of Christ. 

body of christ consciousnessNo Nature. –Gary Snyder

CREATING NATURE: There is nothing to know and nothing to gain that is not manifested from pure unfettered consciousness basking in the luminosity of its own reflection. You think about your world, it gets created in your mind, you open your eyes and there it is. This morning I woke up to a desert resort paradise with infinite opportunity for me to heal all suffering in the world. Walked right out into the perfection of the ninety degree five a.m. desert and grazed the fields of consciousness with the crows. These Victoria Park magpies and are slowly getting acquainted with one another. We are living in harmony and sharing the park together. I don’t understand crow talk and they don’t speak my language either. Spy vs. Spy. 

Heal All Suffering

My only job is to love everyone and heal all suffering. Spiritual healing is accomplished by spiritual means. Praying and meditating the world into perfect harmony with itself. Contextualizing world healing with online heal sufferingpublishing technology. My work is to surrender to baseline consciousness and let the Holy Spirit become my life. I become the embodiment of God consciousness. I pray and meditate myself into the Body of Christ Consciousness. I pray you into God’s perfection. Are you ready to receive God’s perfect healing grace right now or do you just want someone to listen to your story? Blog your story out of your system so you can get to something bigger than this veil of tears we crawl through like begging customers of corporate consumer grind culture. Everything you don’t need is being sold to you. Doing my housecleaning I am so glad I don’t actually own this beautiful villa I am living in.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean overeducated himself beyond his social station to end up a retired paralegal in the coastal paradise of West L.A.