Heart Soldier

Healing Heart:

My shoes wear out fast because I walk through the park in the early morning sprinkler mist breathing into my healing heart. I’m just going to start wearing my ice hiking boots when these Nike cross-trainers fall apart in a few days. I will tromp through the water puddles in the desert grass like a healing heart soldier in eighteen inch army boots.

heart healingNature

How do you like my new home page nature background? I think it is much more conservative and appropriate for this webpage the the psychedelic ones that it is replacing.

I’m really learning how to just sit here and blog away about nothing as opposed to blogging about nothing on Facebook. Yesterday I got an email from a website called Canva that wants me and you and everyone else to post there. I will repeat my mantra here: “Don’t post on Facebook, start your own blog like this one.”

Nature is the spiritual world ready to receive us. Nature is my community and my connection. The community of crows is used to me now and I could probably start training them. Nature is my foundational scene. My reality and my life.

emotional heart healingNew Scene

I feel purer and purer the more I stay away from the freaks I have been hanging out with. The problem is I need a new scene now. I need a new thing and I need a new scene. I am a sensual social animal with new self-confidence and energy. I need a new scene.

Stop Squeezing My Own Heart

Getting rid of false pride and ego has been the greatest thing to happen to my healing heart. I can feel the damage I inflict upon my coronary arteries when I get impatient or anxious. I can ease up on myself and stop squeezing my heart. I have learned how to operate my own healing heart. I want the heal myself, my family and my planet. Everything is spiriting along in divine order. All I have to do is get out of the way. I am talking less and writing more. This article is an exercise in blogging about nothing.

Love Energy

Becoming pure love energy yoga flow I reach out to you across the digital landscape. Everything you are looking for is available to you. Receive my healing heart energy. How do you like this three-eyed girl image I dug out of my archives. I need to spread a little copy out here so I can go back into the file I pulled this out of and find some new ones.

Creating heart healing energy is what this blog is all about. Fresh new spontaneous content to go with all of these exciting animated gifs with no text. My job is to contextualize the images of Internet reality. Here look below, I found a new psychedelic girl to that matches this post.  Right?

contextualized reality

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.