The Sensual Self

Have You Discovered Adult Healing Self Touch?

Self Touch is healing touch. You can get a degree in Sexological Bodywork and it is all about self touch. For your doctoral presentation you will be required to masturbate in a group. The person with the most engaging mastubation technique is the head of the class. Now everytime I masturbate I pretend that I have just paid to go to Australia for two-weeks and take an expensive Sexological Bodywork degree program with Joseph Kramer. My personal sexologist Dr. McDuff gave me an expedited version of the Body Electric, Sexological Bodywork, Core Energetics, Wilhelm Reich and healing self touch.

erotic self touchHealing Self Touch is a Light Stroke

Dr. McDuff emphasized the importance of a very light soft touch. He taught me to be softer in everything. Softer appearance, softer voice, softer presence. I have developed a healing soft touch using the backs of my fingernails upon my anus and perineum. Mexican men taught me to do this by rubbing their penis on my rectum. Mexican men don’t need a degree program in human sexology, they just intuitively make everything sexual. That is what I am doing with my Latin persuasion. I use my androgynous Latin body to persuade you. I am grateful to have a sensual body that is still sexually exciting. Gay Latin men tell me that I am sexually exciting.

self touchThe purpose of this article is to tell you that it is okay to touch yourself in anyway that you want. If you can find a few moments of self soothing and pleasure by touching your own body then do it a lot. Your emotional health is too important to rely on a partner. If you have a partner then love them well.

Self touch and nudity are important for emotional health and well being. Walking around naked and touching yourself is good for you. Being good at being alone has made me a better socialized person.