Body Surrender melt


Body Surrender

Time for my weekly Malibu surf body surrender naked in Pirates Cove as my splayed feet get bigger in the sand. My voice got smaller and my praying feet got bigger from yoga. Modified semi-vow of silence. Dr. Allen taught me to be soft, quiet and private. Malibu taught me to love being alone on the beach in Fall and Winter solitude and surrender.

Pierce Brosnan just rode by on his bicycle looking like Southern gothic writer Harry Crews in his novel, The Hawk is Dying.  Westward Beach is pure energy vibration perfection. Bit of an onshore chill as usual. For the $6.00 I paid the State of California to park here it would be nice if there were hot foot showers to wash the sand off after walking on the beach. There is money to be made servicing tourists like me searching for spiritual surrender and walking barefoot on the beach with God making footprints in the sand. The afternoon wind is picking up and it’s getting really cold on this beach. I’m done riffing on Pierce, time to go back within.

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Kundalini Mind Body Surrender

A Tantrika dances with the world standing on the yoga mat with eyes closed. Love, surrender, devotion. That is what we have been doing lately in Tantra Meditation class. In Kundalini and Tantra everything is done in a meditative state while chanting. I was feeling good and really got into it and let my dancing body surrender into Tantrika dancing this morning.


Emotional Buzz

Using the chanting technique of hitting the roof of the mouth with the tip of the tongue is done for emotional release and cleansing. Therefor I am buzzing the roof of my mouth instead of talking so much. It feels really good only talking to emotionally healthy human beings. My emotions are gratified by spiritual intercourse in the vibrational energy field.
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