I Have Always Had a Healthy Lifestyle Yoga Practice 

My healthy lifestyle is paying off in more ways than one. The key word phrase healthy lifestyle yoga is a very high volume search engine query with very little competition. As a matter of fact I began my freelance blogging career six weeks ago by ghost blogging in the nutritional supplement category of health products. Of course living healthy has also contributed to the high quality of life I now enjoy. What I am going for here is the specific healthy lifestyle yoga like the one that I learned at Lyfe Yoga in Hermosa Beach, CA.

The point is that there is a huge freelance blogger market for articles about living a healthy lifestyle and I am qualified to supply that demand.  The rare California rain outside my window is inspiring me to be productive in an in-door focused way. Normally I would be going outside occasionally for some hot healing Palm Springs sunshine. Not so today in the rain. In the rain I am writing web copy and dominating the organic page rankings for yoga content marketing.  

Living a healthy lifestyle yoga practice enables me to be a prolific writer on health, diet, meditation and of course my actual yoga practice. Living the esoteric life that I lead has enabled me to evolve and transform with the technology and sexuality of the times. My iPhone is a versatile multimedia mass communications studio as I post and publish a higher and higher volume of search engine optimized web content marketing branded key word plans. Thus I am my own model and my own healthy lifestyle yoga reality. 

Living a healthy lifestyle yoga in the hot sexy California desert brings passion and excitement to my life. My New Year’s Day pool party in Cathedral City was worth writing home about. I am having novel experiences and the emotional bonding chemicals released by new encounters. The desert is the perfect place to be turning sixty and into alternative culture and active sexual lifestyles. Giving myself to the deep blue legacy of a ninety degree swimming pool of alternative love, ecstasy and bliss. My dreams come true on an hourly basis. My heart sings with joy at the memory of my loving experience on the massage table in Paul S.’s garage on the evening of New Year’s Day 2016. Sexual healing to begin the year with the promise of abundant love and intimacy to unfold. My intention is to create a relationship of the same magnitude as that of my sexual apprenticeship with the international gynecologist Dr. McDuff. 

Immense gratitude and true humility to be naked and alive in California instead of cold and dead in Philadelphia. Health begins in California. There is no place on earth like sunny healthy California and the alternative lifestyles created here. California desert healthy lifestyle yoga is my life.  I have returned from a near death experience to tell you that it is better to be old and alternative in Palm Springs.