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Healthy Lifestyles: Is Riding Bareback Really That Dangerous?

Some skinny men live perfectly healthy lifestyles that include riding bareback in the California desert. The secret is to be spiritually and emotionally connected to God so that your homosexual perfection is untouched by the erroneous thinking that creates so called disease. What doctors call HIV and cancer are really just aberrated thought patterns. Spiritually healthy homosexual lifestyles include meditating on the perfect mind of universal God consciousness. 

Healthy Homosexual Lifestyles Are Spiritual

Gay men are naturals for spirituality. We have schisms in our feminine little psyches where the God gets in. As I am now writing the later chapters of my gay life story I want to try to make things easier for the next gay kid that comes along. The real purpose of this blog is to find my own healthy homosexual lifestyles. Where are the gay public figures? Where are the really cool and masculine gay men? The purpose of this blog is for gay men seeking masculine role models to find each other. 
Healthy Gay Lifestyles in Palm Springs.

The gay mecca of Palm Springs has a total gay urban resort mentality that could be used as a launching ramp for gay political action. I hereby stand up loud and strong as a multimedia homosexual and mass communications masculine gay rainbow warrior. 

A new level of gay healing is washing over me as my healthy narcissism lets me really see what kind of broken homosexual I am. I am now learning how to share experience. I am sharing this experience with you. Why did I used to always hate that word “sharing?” Is this gay message getting out to you? I am an androgynous multimedia mass communications homosexual copy writing this public relations propaganda to you. 

Healthy Homosexual Lifestyles Are Emotional

Become an emotionally healthy homosexual with me. There is more to life than perfect sex and we can find it together. The important thing is to know exactly what you want in a lover. Compromising like I did with Dr. McDuff is a rarity. I don’t think I have even discussed in detail how McDuff sexually seduced me through anal digital stimulation only. I only had m gynecologists huge cock inside my anal canal ten times or less. Most of the time when I would sit on his cock and take my pleasure he would coax me off and say: “Just come up here and be with me.” He would always get me off is penis and back up to eye gazing and breathing in our white tantra gay intimacy sessions. I am now well qualified to be a teacher of healthy gay lifestyles and sexual emotional social intimacy for young men who want to become advanced lovers. Intimate emotional relationships are the great healers of gay men.

My white tantra practice enables me to transmute my sexual energy into reaching out to the gay men of California with this healthy homosexual lifestyle article. One of the main benefits of being a gay freelance blogger is to counter act the negative anti-homosexual propaganda on the Internet today. I stand loud and proud as a gay motivational speaker. A gay sexual promotion speaker. Stand up and publish multimedia mass communications infographics and composite visual montage artistry. Reinvent the blogosphere. The power of mass communications is in the hands of he who knows how to use it.

Have you Googled around for healthy gay and homosexual lifestyle searches on the Internet? Searches for positive homosexual information is often dominated by anti-gay propaganda. Today everybody is publishing their own little agenda on the Internet. If you are gay and you are able reach back to me and connect us up into our own little gay Palm Springs community network.
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