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What Should I Do if I Cannot Be Physically Present for My Court Hearing? — USE COURT CALL!

An Excellent Paid Third Party Vendor to Leverage Your Litigation Practice


What do you do if you have a hearing in Los Angeles on the day that you are in San Diego on an important business meeting? You can pay approximately $100 to use Court Call, a paid third party private service.  Have your litigation secretary or paralegal ask the court room clerk in your department if your judge allows this calling service to be used. Most Los Angeles Superior Court judges will allow attorneys to make telephone appearances via telephone. Pro per and self-represented litigants can also use this excellent service. All you need is a credit card and you are on your way to leveraging your litigation practice. 


Set Up


Court call is brilliant they way the business was set up.  They provide the participating courts with the high tech courtroom equipment necessary to access the CourtCall Remote Appearance Platform. The courtroom personnel also receive a brief free training and the system is ready to help litigants at a mandatory status conference or other hearing.


Scheduling a Court Call Appearance


Attorneys have their paralegal contact the vendor either by phone or online to schedule their appearance for their existing court date. The system is very user friendly and well worth the price.


Making the AppearanceCourt Call Logo


Your department is notified of your call-in appearance well in advance of the hearing date.  The department clerk connects to the courtrooms audio or video equipment. The service is available in either audio only or video formats. You as the remote party connect are instructed and wait for your case to be called on that mornings calendar. When the judge takes the bench it is formal court procedure as usual. The remote parties are brought into the appearance when their case is called.


Call Etiquette


If you are on audio only as a remote participant make sure to always identify yourself before you speak so that the court reporter knows who you are.  After your legal secretary checks you in with the call system, make sure you are not sitting in your office having a conversation with your paralegal while you are live on court call in the courtroom!
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