Merry Christmas

Heart Attack Theory

December 26th will be the third anniversary of my near death experience from heart failure. I have been to only one aftercare examination with a cardiologist since then. I don’t have chest pains anymore. I have made a complete recovery of my cardio-vascular health. I’m so glad that I opted for life insurance before my procedure. Of course, I didn’t want to pass away during this operation, but if it did happen, there wouldn’t be anything I could do, but I would at least know that my family would be alright (financially) without me. I advise anyone who has suffered from a critical illness to look into sites like, so you are clued up on the benefits of life insurance. It is in your best interest to look into this. My heart attack theory is that God was saying to me: Wake up!

Three days after he performed my emergency triple by-pass surgery, Dr. Joseph Costic sat next to my bed and told me he didn’t know what caused my near fatal cardiac arrest. My heart attack theory is that the blockages were caused by a perfect combination of stress & impatience, ibuprofen, refined sugar, and cold weather.

God hole head

I was taking such massive doses of blue 800 mg ibuprofen gel capsules for my post hermetic neuralgia shingles pain that my stool was blue. I was stressing out in a Philadelphia blizzard over the holidays and not eating my normal healthy diet. I was dying.

Eliminating ibuprofen, refined sugar, cold weather and as much stress and impatience as possible has eliminated the burning chest pains that we’re making me stop walking on the sidewalk right before it happened. Today I drank a Dr. Pepper at lunch and hereby declare it to be my last. I used to occasionally drink a Dr. Pepper because I once had one with my father. He died of a heart attack so this supports my addition of sugar to my heart attack theory. Ice cream and soda taste too sweet for me now.

Humility & Gratitude Theory

I am lucky and grateful to be alive and healthy today. Except for the huge surgical scars on my chest and leg you would never know I almost died from a heart attack. Those scars are my gratitude and humility amplifiers. My heart attack theory is that I died so that I can better appreciate life.

Lucky to Be Alive

I was lucky enough to have another person present in the early morning when my heart froze up and stopped firing on all cylinders. There is no way I could have called my own ambulance or done anything on my own and survived that day. There would not have been enough time. I was beating on my chest, using my body weight to keep throwing myself forward, falling forward, falling in and out of Charlie’s car, and praying to live. When I finally fell into the warm air of the ER and saw the orderly reaching out for me, I said to myself: Okay I can relax now and these guys will take care of me.

People who have heart attacks alone almost always die from them. I had just driven cross-country alone, sleeping in my van every other night! The one time in my life when I really needed another human being there, the universe delivered for me. Absolute perfection. This always happens to me. Thank You God, and Merry Christmas!