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Meditating From The Imaginary Heart Mind

Heart Mind Meditation

My meditation is returning full circle to the Eastern versions of my youth. Learning heart mind meditation from the autobiographical “Knee of Listening” by Adi Da opened up my mind as well as my heart. My heart needs a lot of work. This morning this style of meditation came back to me. Going through an intense self-analysis of my dissociative states of consciousness has inspired this blog.

heart mind

Imaginary Heart Mind in the Center of the Chest

The imaginary heart mind is located in-between the heart and the throat in the center of the chest. Try meditating outward from this location. It adds emotion to mediation. Energy in motion.

Turning Point

Have the harassing phone calls stopped? It seems as though my tormentors have ceased calling me five times per day. Hopefully it has something to do with my new advanced recovery program. Maybe the invitations to provoke me have ceased. Next week will be the proving grounds. If there are no calls that do not leave messages, perhaps this is a new turning point in this blog. It has been a lot of work investigating the investigators. Someone tried to hack this website and now there is new security on both the front and back doors. As a result of paying to have a lock on this URL the page rankings have soared on the search engines. It was worth the expense even thought it was not in the budget.

Content Creator

The purpose of a content creator is to provide useful content for readers. Yesterday I opted in the free 30-day Amazon Kindle membership associated with my Amazon Prime account. I wanted to read “I Forgot to Die” by Khalil Rafati so that you would not have to read it.

In this composite publicity photograph provided by the publisher Khalil wants you to see that he has two different high quality human hair wigs

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