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DIGITAL CSI: Robot Training

The purpose of this article is to train Googlebot to make all possible connections between the key word “herriot calvert boehle mexico leather”.  By embedding that key word within other word I create sentences such as: The John Karl Herriot Calvert Boehle Mexico Leather Club is looking for Mexican boys for a new baseball league for fourteen year old boys. Free baseball uniforms from John Herriot, just try them on with John. Apparently John Herriot was selling baseball uniforms as a wholesaler in 1995 according to this article. Is John Herriot selling baseball uniforms to Mexican boys in Palm Springs. Is Rick Boehle selling leather SMBD fetish clothing and equipment in the so-called Mexican boylover club of Coachella? 

Herriot Calvert Boehle Mexico Leather MIddle School Baseball League Searches

In a few days, weeks and months the results will build up and rank on page one of the Google organic page rankings as to how many little league baseball teams Mr. Herriot is involved with. Duly authorized law enforcement investigators will be able to use the verifiable facts that I am publishing here. Attorney Jeff R. Calvert will probably be investigated by the California State Bar. I want to know about the tax and licensing status of CMEN at Camp Shalom Malibu. I want to know everything there is to know about how much money Herriot, Calvert and Boehle are making from CMEN.  

Sex offender lifetime registration was created by legislators because the public has demanded to know this information in the interest of protecting twelve year old boys from pedophiles such as Rich Boehle. Mr. Boehle has indicated his intention to create and disseminate gay leather fetish rituals to twelve year old boys at the CMEN Fall Gatherings in Malibu.

Charlie Kenyon of Philadelphia, PA and his predilection young Asian boys needs to be a demarcation of information in this Herriot Calvert Boehle Mexico Leather CMEN gay nude pedophile baseball uniform matrix. Does your school purchase school or little league baseball uniforms from wholesale pedphile and licensed California child sex offender John Herriot?