How Do You Know If Your Travel Companion is an International Child Sex Trafficker?

herriot deception
If You Are a Registered Gay Sex Offender You Have a Legal and Moral Obligation to Inform Your International Travelling Companions of Your Criminal Record to Insure Their Safety in Semi-Lawless Third World Travel Destinations.

I Should Have Begun My Investigation Into the John Herriot Deception When the Thai Police Boarded Our Plane and Denied Him Entry

In 2007 Charlie Kenyon personally financed the John Herriot deception by taking the three of us on a trip to Thailand and Cambodia. It is well known that when I travel with groups of men to places like India and Japan, I separate from the group and my side-trips are to wats, temples, museums, libraries and churches.  I know what the other guys do but I am not there with them because I am off on my own hanging out with the ubiquitous Thai Buddhist monks. The other fags all go to gay beaches, bars and nightclubs, and I go native.  When I do occasionally patronize commercial gay establishments I only go to the wonders of the world.  The most intense and exotic gay bathhouse resort on this planet is called Babylon Bangkok.


herriot deception babylon
Babylon Bangkok Restaurant

I almost got hit by a truck while negligently crossing a busy boulevard in Bangkok and a group of Catholic nuns crossing at the correct pedestrian station saw me and invited me to the Mass they were walking to across the street to attend.  They didn’t ask if I was Catholic. They didn’t ask me who I was or where I came from.  Real nuns don’t need to do that. 

The English language Eucharistic Celebration was at a Catholic hospital church and that’s about all I remember as my body was kneeling in the teak pews but my mind was under pressurized entanglement with the tangy blasting humidity and cosmic undulation in the exotic Blade Runner labyrinth of Bangkok during Songkran

The point is I let my travel companions go off and do what most men gay or straight do in Thailand: cheap prostitutes, gay, straight, massive transexual scene called ladyboys, anything and everything for 25% of what sex workers charge stateside.  I’ll be wearing a saffron robe and chanting my holy vows in a language I do not understand, hell my head’s already shaved, I’m halfway there, right?  

I have never paid for sex in my life, I’ve only been paid for it.  When I’m in Thai Town I go Buddhist because everybody there speaks English.  Mr. Charles Kenyon of Philadelphia, PA is almost as lonely as I am and so he pays me to accompany him around the world with him now and again.  Charlie likes young Asian boys and I like African construction workers. I’m pumping out one or two blogs a day trying to figure out exactly who, what, why, when and how does a guy like John Herriot manage to take possession of Camp JCA Shalom every year and turn it into an outdoor gay nudist bathhouse resort for two weeks every Labor Day Weekend. 

John Herriot says he’s a bisexual and I say he’s a bye-sexual.  

                               -Larry S. (CMEN Member)

So what are Charlie and the Herriot deception up to when they are overseas? I never see these guys in relationships with other adult men. What is this fraudulent cover story that John has a business selling baseball uniforms online?  To whom, Mexican boys in Palm Springs? Is the John Herriot deception to establish credentials with children as a baseball coach?  I’ve never seen any evidence of any online presence other than CMEN for the John Herriot deception.  I know who all the CMEN webmasters, IT pros and admins are because I used to be one.  The John Herriot deception is to have all the CMEN working for his private profit. Everyone says John is computer illiterate, which I can readily testify to.  CMEN has no online registration capability so how can its founder and leader have an online business of any type? What is the extent of the John Herriot deception? Is CMEN John’s sole source of income?  

herriot deceptionHerriot Deception Foiled by Box Cutter Wielding Passengers

The stewardess opens the door, everyone stands up to retrieve our luggage and deplane when the captain comes on and tells everyone to leave their luggage stowed and sit back down.  Two Thai policeman board the airplane and removed only John Herriot.  Later after all other passengers had disembarked and the plane was empty, the Thai police put John right back on the same airplane and told him to never come back to Thailand.  Why John?

I am a very experienced third world traveller and Thailand is still the dirt world when it comes to law enforcement authorities.  My ex-wife Veroniquita Sanchez de Figueroa taught me how to avoid the police and the predators in her native Mexico.  The key is to simply know that you are in control of your life and they shouldn’t bother with you because there is easier prey if you just act cool and let the wounded gazelle show itself.  

I know what the air feels like right before the airplanes hit the buildings and I knew we were in extremely dangerous territory on this Thai Airlines flight from LA.  Charlie the manchild is squirming in his seat and asking stupid questions that have no answers while chattering like a scared chipmunk as the entire airplane is staring at us.  Under my breath with a really fake smile like Brad Pitt pretending to be a sophisticated high ranking Nazi officer in Inglourious Basterds as I menacingly intone to Charlie boy: “Shut.  The.  Fuck.  Up. NOW!”  On the word “now” I hit Charlie for the first time in my life with a really powerful pointed elbow punch to his senior citizen stomach as he doubled-up, grimaced and crowed “Owwww” really loud with the whole plane staring at Dean the bisexual getting really pissed off at fags.  And angry at himself for being such a whore.  

With the entire plane watching I stood up and collected all of my carry-on luggage before the John Herriot deception can attach itself to me.  I am the only one doing this as the whole plane begins to do the same the same thing.  I don’t need the cops okay if the cops just forgot to say it’s cool to disembark.  It’s the third world and nobody knows what’s going on.  

The name “Dean” means leader of ten, look it up in the dictionary.  I’m an American paralegal in army boots, aviator sunglasses and an attitude that says: “Just stay away from me, pick an easier target and you will be happier.”  I create a vacuum behind me and people just fall in line behind me.  We are in a semi-lawless country currently experiencing Hindu-Buddhist-Muslim sectarian violence.  I’m an expert on religion and I’m gettin’ the fuck off the goddamned airplane so I can meditate my chakras into attainment of Samadhi. 

I bow and formally greet her in her native tongue as the stewardess magically opens the door for me and I’m the first one off the jet.  All I need to be is just one step ahead of the crowd and here I am figuring out the John Herriot deception.  

Get ready for the miracle because the planes haven’t hit the buildings yet. The passengers have taken over the cockpit with a box knife and will be dropping leaflets to prevent the John Herriot deception from flying any further.  I am disgusted at myself for hanging out with characters only slightly more deranged than I am.  I seek redemption and I think I know how and where to attain it.  Prevent Herriot deception and hold on tight for redemption!